Penthouse, Radcliff Hall, Sandymount (-300k, -24%)

3 Bed Penthouse, 184 m²

Was 1.25m

Now 950k

As seen on the “Worst value house in Ireland” thread here

Holy crap :open_mouth:

Jesus. Ignoring the outrageous “service charge” for a moment… 950K for this hovel? There’s no feckin light getting through the windows.

When I saw “Penthouse”, I was expecting something a little better than that… :frowning:

At least on the top floor you won’t drown when the sea comes over the wall on Sandymount strand

You might when the plasterboard internal walls separating that entire row of houses collapse.

Is’nt this the same situation for number 59 Radcliff Hall? From the Sherry Fitzgerald web site -
“Number 59 is an attractive end of terrace townhouse superbly positioned…Number 59 boasts well designed accommodation which extends to 90 sq m/965 sq.ft approx”
That may be but there is no mention of the larger penthouse separately on top of this property. Walked into Radcliff Hall for a look around with all the To let boards outside. They dont state a management fee in the listing (3000 and up for an apartment!) What is it for a townhouse? Spoke to a resident and there is no reserved parking with the property. Also the garages flooded last winter wrecking quite a few cars and lifts got flooded. What am i missing at 420k?