People & Power - Rigged Markets - 20 May 07 - Part 1

People & Power - Rigged Markets - 20 May 07 - Part 1

People & Power - Rigged Markets - 20 May 07 - Part 2

Good show. Enjoyed watching that -educating

‘Where are all the regulators?’ he cries! The story of this sorry mess.

Supplied, if I understood correctly, by AlJazeera. A vested disinterest?

Interesting you should say that, thats the thing about todays media many stories that should be discussed are not and this is due to an excessive focus on silly trivia (e.g. Paris Hilton) that is put in public for gawkers and fools so they can feel ‘in the know’ while knowing useless nothingness. We have to look for alternative sources to get news and information.

I watched that very interesting indeed. Nothing surprise me about any of that. You can’t help get this feeling looking back at the last 10 years, how engineered a lo of world events are, monetary moves, military high dramas. Only in hindsight of course.

One thing I am now completely convinced of and this has only confirmed it for me, is that 9/11 suited a lot of these hedge funds & dodgy deals.

If you look at WTC Building 7, it housed a lot of interesting things
Seemingly there was the bulk of over 4000 files concerning the investigations into insider trading and other fraudulent sotckmarket dealings, I iamgine much like what was outlined in this short video.

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(*btw building 7 was not hit by a plane, it mysteriously collapsed 5 hours later. According to its owner he gave permisison to the fire dept. that day to demolish it. Likely story, I mean how long does it take to do a control demolition, weeks, plus imagine trying to do that on 9/11 with hundreds of the forced dead, chaos errupting around you… )