Percentage of world's/Ireland's population on 100k+/year?

I have done a quick google search but I could not quite find what I was looking for, would anybody know how can I figure out the percentage of the world/Ireland’s population on 100k per year gross income or over per household?

Thanks in advance

About 4.5% in 2006 - … istics.pdf

Probably half that today.

Households or individuals?

Presumably there are a lot more couples taking in 100k between them than individuals earning 100k?


ta. I wonder what the figure is for the world, probably under 1%

Probably under 0.01%. … ou-are.php

Just random curiousity or do you have some motivation for the question, Big difference between 100k per person and 100k per household (on the basis of 50k each for a couple). I’d say 100k per household is not exactly an exclusive club.

Mostly curious but also from the point of view of affordability of housing in Ireland etc

Is this to do with proposal from Sinn Fein et al to specifically increase income taxes on peope earning over €100k?

Last night on his show, Vincent Browne proposed a lower limit of €60k and you could see his panel shifting uncomfortably :smiley:

:laughing: It’s amusing to watch the “tax the rich” crowd shut up when it is pointed out to them that they are rich. 60k is 50% above median earnings. It is not super rich, but it is rich.


I wouldn’t object to 60 grand…my counterparts in Ireland (public servants such as Morgan Kelly!!) earn more than twice what I do. It seems that not only are the salaires of the top earners obscenely obese, those of the middle earners are also disproportinate to those of their European equivalents. And disproportionate with respect to low earners in Ireland. Lends to the case of G Adams and his ilk.

Husband on 90k a year
Wife on 90k a year

Wife on 101k a year
Husband - unemployed

Who should pay the higher rate of tax?
Where do you set the threshold
Marginal rate for self employed is already 55%

Let’s hope Pseuyo is not a plant researching ways of dreaming up new taxes (as you guess my household is above the limits mentioned above)! today, I just want to come to terms with the pension levy…
Pseuyo are you interested in finding out who can afford houses above a certain level perhaps? i.e. checking out the competition

Be careful about making assumptions on the “wealth” of someone based on their salary. There’s a world of difference between a single guy/girl on €60k, living at home with parents and say, a couple with two kids, mortgage, childcare expenses etc. I would imagine most households on that kind of money are finding things extremely tight, depending on their outgoings. They’re certainly not “rich.”

Eh, yes they are. Or rather, a single individual earning 60k is. That they chose to do self-destructive things like get married, have children, buy a house is a lifestyle choice… so says the married man with two children and a house…

In terms of whether they are rich, they are in the top 15% of earners in the country. That makes them ‘A’ grade, even if they are A- …

At least there’s a childers’ allowance for the childer: no allowance for a dog and they average about 1500 each per annum as long as one doesn’t travel much.

More or less, that kind of thing… But there was also an element of curiosity to it, really. We are above that threshold and each and every day I count myself lucky for it (we work damn well hard to achieve it though), I was just kind of curious as to what percentage of people are in the same situ. But I guess as someone pointed out before, a household getting in 50kx2 is not really that extraordinary. Still, we are very lucky cos I mostly stay at home to look after the kids bar for about 10 hours a week. A privilege really.

Be careful with those figures as they’re based on tax returns and some people may make more than 1 return i.e. an individual could make one return for PAYE earnings and another for rental income. I’d imagine some of those 460k people filing tax returns for 10k or less are second incomes of landlords


Tax burden rising on workers in OECD countries; Irish tax wedge below average except for high income singles - Michael Hennigan → … 2279.shtml