Perrystown house

What do you think of that house in Perrystown and what price would you pay for it ? … 12/1254239

By the way, any advice on Perrystown area ?

Thanks for your help

perrystown is a grand quiet area. Bit nondescript imo. A bit away from any villages etc.

500K for a house there is nuts. Even today, there are houses asking around that in better areas like fortfield, cypress etc.

I know it’s overrated
How much would you pay for this house ?

That price is absolute insanity. 50% too high for this house and this area. In fact, that would still be too expensive for a terraced house in lower middle class area. 200k in 3 years might look too much.

I wouldn’t hugely fancy Perrystown myself to be honest. You have Greenhills, Crumlin and Walkinstown on 3 sides, none of which are terrible (this part of Greenhills is very respectable) but to be honest it wouldn’t be my cup of tea. I’d be looking at houses to the south and east of the roundabout at the top of Templeville/Whitehall Roads. Or for prices this high, old Knocklyon or Marian/Ballyroan Road area. Prices seem much the same as this one and those areas far more desirable.

personally, i wouldn’t buy a house there.

But if today i would expect to get a house in cypress asking ~500K for 400K, then i’d be thinking 300K.

There are lots of houses on the map there starting with a 3 and some starting with a 2.

there is even a terraced fixer upper starting with a 1.

Ouch… I didn’t expect all these negative comments on that house but thanks for your advices
I’m looking for a 4 bed and there isn’t a lot actually so it’s a bit difficult

Perrystown is apparently not a bad area. I took a walk round once cos I considered you might get a nice house for cheap one day. I was however, overwhelmed by the dullness. Really, it put me off. I dont really want to live there. Like has been mentioned that house should be 250 with expectation to drop below 200.