Personal Insolvency Ireland website.

“Guidelines on a reasonable standard of living and reasonable living expenses” … -FINAL.pdf

We should just rename the country ‘Personal Insolvency Ireland’ imho

Looks like the writer needs more adult education

Someone has a dry sense of humour I hope (see p. 53):


Why do they have a pile of hundred euro notes as their banner picture? I’m not insolvent and I’ve hardly ever seen one. I suppose it’s better than one of those famine eviction pictures.

If you apply for a Debt Relief Notice or Personal Insolvency Arrangement or Debt Settlement Arrangement, your details (to include name, address, year of birth) will be placed on a register. Members of the public will be able to access this register.

Who can become a Personal Insolvency Practioner?(and garnish a slice of the settlement outlay)

The mortgage brokers and financial advisors who were ramping up the fill your boots borrowing frenzy during the credit bubble (for a juicy commission) are reborn.

Here I’ve been, all my life, living the lifestyle of the Irish insolvent and I just didn’t know it

What is ‘money for social inclusion’? Is that money for going down the pub or something?

Pretty much

This is the one that’s getting the “regretful buyers” very exercised. … rvice.html

I made the mistake of checking out comments to get the mood of the nation, so to speak. … 1-Apr2013/

A lot of people very angry that the banks are writing down debt for people but not of the reasons you might reasonably expect.

This guy Niall Boylan has a rubbish radio show and chimed in with this.

Have to agree. That’s crazy. I used to live in Geneva, possibly the most expensive city in the world, certainly in continental Europe, and spent less than that as a single person after rent.

Can some one confirm that I understand this, in particular for mortgage debt, you live within the guidelines for an arbitrary 1-6 years and get to keep the house that you can’t afford at tend of this time?

Those people are not particularly intelligent, check out this exchange:

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I fricking knew this thread would be bad for my blood pressure.


Did anyone ever see the Sopranos episode “Bust Out”?

Lorcan O’Connor will have no credibility left putting his name to this.
Can we abolish the ISI before it gets started?
Just roll it into MABS.

that ScountingisLeadership fella has pictures of David Hall over his bed…he’s not worth reading or getting worked up over. He just wants handouts

I keep tabs of my spending each month and have records going back years…I rarely have ever gone over €900 per month after rent/mortgage either as a singleton or sicec getting married. Main exceptions being holidays or a lot of weddings/family events in the 1 month
Insane level…and to hear Sinn fein’s Pearse Doherty today on teh radio saying it was way too low an amount…f off :smiling_imp: