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Peter Bacon:

What is with all these guys changing their minds all of a sudden. NAMA was this guys idea!


I thought you made that bit up ! :open_mouth:

Is there something afoot ?

You COULDN’T make it up XX

Who in RTE decides on what articles they allow a comments section!!!

Probably Tom Savage and the PR Clinic.

Someone should ‘commission a report’ about that. … re_retail/

Conflict of interest anyone? … directors/

It took me 30 seconds of searching to find a director with political links to the highest level. How is there not a HUGE conflict of interest here. … ship_team/

RTE are a disgrace and our media are dimwits who have failed us miserably. Step up your act please. If I were an editor I`d be contacting bloggers and kicking the eejits who regurgitate press releases & papers out the door.

The thread should be called Pimp My Bacon. The idea that the fat pompous oily idiot fuck Rashers Bacon could be taken seriously when writing a report about Nama for a group of people actively fighting against Nama and who were involved in attempts to conceal assets is just laughable.

Bacon would rent his arse to park a bicycle if he thought there was money and publicity in it for him.

Shame, like taxes, are for little people.

+1 love it.

Hopefully he shall no longer be taken seriously.
And include parasites like this Paddy Teahon.

David Murphy on RTE News leading his analysis by saying how odd Bacon’s comments are given he was the progenitor of NAMA and given one of NAMA’s biggest debtors commissioned the report.

Fair play Dave!

Encouraged to be a bit more critical by NamaWineLake: … 9536352256

How odd?

What about downright unethical and shameless?

In fairness Sean O’Rourke asked him about Treasury commissioning the report. Rashers said he was going to write the report anyway and treasury said they would sponser it. O’Rourke finished the report with a quick “Lucky you” and let the item at that. It was a lovely kick in the teeth to Rashers and his shattered credibility.

Yeah, that was really great. And it came after Bacon’s long, rambling answer about the Treasury question.

Bacon is as much to blame for the property bubble as anyone. *At least *as culpable as Seanie, Fingers, etc. The idea that he is still one of the Oirish meeja’s go-to guys on the property morkesh is hilarious.

Given that the general consensus is that NAMA is not realising value for the taxpayer at present and putting aside the ethics of how, why or who commissioned Bacon to prepare the report, what is the argument against off-loading NAMA either in whole or parts to private investors as long as it was by way of an open public tender process. Surely private equity groups would be able to manage the process more effectively. Conditions could be put in place to ensure a percentage return for the taxpayer based on any uplift in value down the road. What or when is the endgame for NAMA as it is presently operating. What are the specific targets at present and when are they going to be achieved as it is currently constituted? Seems to me like its jobs, fees and income for a golden circle of top civil servants and their buddies in the top legal and accountancy firms. As long as the taxpayer is footing the bill they will pass the golden goose around for as long as they can get away with. Sell the fecking thing off as far as I’m concerned.

How about they just let the open market decide the price of the houses.

Nobody tried that yet.

One can only assume this is the opening salvo of the NAMA-process, whereby the people who had ‘their’ land and properties repossessed and loans written off, now get to buy them back at a much reduced price, courtesy of the taxpayer.

What are the chances we will be told exactly who (beyond shell companies) is buying what and the exact price paid ?
Can hear the cries for ‘client and market confidentiality’ already.

This is where the smoke and mirrors on the sale-side begins.
There will be no transparency.

The whole of NAMA should be ‘Allsoped’.

Bacon was selling his arse when he pretended nama was his own idea too. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1777&p=378185&hilit=soden+bacon#p378185