Peter Mathews at the Finance Committee - 21/07/2010


Committee Room 2 - 12pm - Joint Committee on Finance & the Public Service

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Public sitting starting now


Sad to see yet again how few representatives have turned up to find out from Mathews how much of tax money could be saved.


He’s asked for brief opening comments and just goes on and on. He has so many good things to say it’s a shame he makes people kinda glaze over so quickly.


He’s solid with his grimness of the whole NAMA structure, It really is a shame that the gang sitting around him are yawning already


“close Anglo close Irish nationwide”
"4-5 years close down anglo where "
will cost 17 billion less to close Anglo and Ins than what is currently being proposed.
Donal O’connor .

Fahy having a cut off him…

“Anglo wasted away 600 million in cash on buying back bonds”


Any-one know if there is a transcript of this live. Cant view any video form work server. :cry:


Thought he made a pretty good job of the presentation,the sheer scale of how fubared NAMA is and the audience he is pitching at means its never gonna be easy to get his message across in an easily digestible fashion,he is methodical and scathing in his views on that dimwitted idea that is NAMA.


Hurrah… Frank Fahey admits he doesn’t understand the NAMA funding.


Frank fahy is stunned that the NAMA bonds carry an interest coupon.
matthews poiting out that ECB has no relation with NAMA.
Fahy looking like a fuggin idiot


leni told peter that the attraction is that the ECB give cheap loans.
Fahy like a dog with a bone


uncertainty doubt americans saw nama not fit for purpose


“NAMA a dishonest cop out”


Would this be available to be fully watchable afterwards?


Watched a bit of it and its embarassing how stupid some people with responsibility in this country are. Fahey is like a man on a mission trying to pick holes in what Peter mathews is saying but all hes doing is showing his own ignorance, by the way hes like a poster boy for gombeenism.


andrews saying that all experts are shite so matthews is an opinion…
the experts have made a bags of it…
so tell me this chris the defence of all the experts recommended NAMA BY


Fahey is so fucking thick its cringe inducing,youd almost be embarrassed for him…almost…what a thoroughbred donkey

“your analysis is wrong Mr Mathews” opines/surmarises Deppidy Fathead…what fucking Economics/Banking background do ya have Fahy to come to this sweeping opinion???


I’d love one five minutes in a closed room with Fahy. What a complete & utter prick.


Fahey doesn’t understand what he is talking about so he resorts to attempted character assasination. He is scum.


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