Peter Mathews, Irish banking expert, on crisis

Very interesting guy!

From the Green Against Nama’s website … r-mathews/


The semi-random estimates are coalescing on a risk level of 25 bn for NAMA… excluding admin costs.

Another voice of reason and inherent authority. I suppose Lenihan will ‘absolutely reject’ his analysis too.

I think I am a banker.

There’s a whole gaggle of Greens-against-NAMA videos up, of which this is one:

(Full disclosure: I’m in one.)

Yeah - they uploaded your video later yesterday:

Very good points!

(Whoever uploaded the videos fucked up the aspect ratio!)

0’siochru makes an interesting remark …

NAMA locks in daft planning permissions granted during the bubble-era …

(de-zoning costs the taxpayer “long-term economic value” so these dodgy zonings are likely to stay in place).

How ironic that it is the Green Party who cement FF’s legacy.

Its really starting to highlight the core schism in the Green Party that between its 2 Cabinet Ministers (oh yea Trev too) and the rest of the party.