Peter Mathews to run for Fine Gael

Peter Matthews, one of the most credible people on the banking crisis so far ,will run for Fine Gael in the next election. Happy Days! 8DD

Why FG?
Surely he’ll find himself constrained by the party line like George Lee did?

They’ve obviously promised him “resources” to deal with the parking tickets, traffic lights and passport applications…

Hard to see Matthews getting his Dublin South preference since Olivia Mitchell and Alan Shatter are surely set there for FG. Also, Shane Ross is running in Dublin South which would split the vote for Matthews. Whatever way you cut it, Ross’s run is very bad news indeed for Eamon Ryan. I don’t think Mr. Ryan can hold his seat against Mitchell, Shatter and Ross.

Mathews has been one of the most impressive commentators on the banking crisis so far. Up there with Morgan Kelly.

Disclosure: I’m an FG supporter. But the more politicians we can get in the Dáil with calibre of the likes of Ross, Mathews and McWilliams, (you would even count Varadkar and Reilly, as they’re not your typical party hacks), the better. Under Bertie, politics became a sort of debased showbiz, with little engagement or interest from citizens with the result being poor decision making, leading us to the current insolvency. But intelligent informed and independent (minded) candidates like this will squeeze out the Gombeens.

I think there may be three FG seats in Dublin South, although Ross will mount an impressive challenge.

Varadkar? Oh FFS… :unamused:

Alex white of labour will take ‘shit for brains’ seat.

Will the bould “caught in the headlights” Shay Brennan have another go!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The only man to resign from Anglo on a point of principle… :stuck_out_tongue:

You are like the Finfacts of Political trivia and intrigue!

How about Dublin South East? Lots of right wing votes, and Lucinda Creighton needs a strong running mate if they want two seats for FG

Or Dun Laoghaire? It is somewhat of a leftie constitutency and FG are very weak there with only Sean Barrett. They could swing things significantly with a heavy hitter for FG, particularly since Ivana Bacik will no doubt harm support for Labour there.

I have to disagree with you there.
Ivana will attract a fair few socially liberal votes. A principled politician who rund on national issues.
I hope she does well

if he joins the whip then whats the point

Bring back Shay!


Or a hack that has tried every other way to get elected and eventually opted for the path of least resistance. I mean, what connection does she have with DL or with any of the other places she has tried to get elected for that matter? Further, her views on quotas for women in politics didn’t go down that well.

If she is such a good candidate, it makes no sense having her run in the same area as Gilmore. He will top the poles and probably carry his running mate over the line even if that running mate is as dull as dishwater. Why not get her to run in say Dublin Central (where she ran the last time) where maybe she and Costello can mop up an extra labour seat from the remains of Bertie?

Ivana is anything but a hack . She is a principle driven politician. Middle class and unashamadly intellectual admittedly but they are strengths. Given that we are always complaining about gombeen glorified county councillors being elected I would have thought that her connection with DL is besided the point. She is a natural foil for Gilmore in that constituency and will eat into Boyd barratt’s yuppie faux left socially liberal vote.

I see her persistance and willingness to stand for election in different areas of Dublin as a plus.

Dublin Central has Aine Clancy and is a constituency where local issues are far more pertinent

Dun laoighre is the most liberal constuency in the country. Eamonn attracts the ordinary joe and ordinary middle class vote.

Ivana will appeal to the floating Fine gael/ feminist/ lefty social issue voter for whom eamonn is a bit grey haired and perceived as too lefty

Even with Gilmore riding high, it will be difficult to bring in a second Labour seat in a 4 seater. Who are FG sticking along side Barrett in case he keels over?

There is no problem being middle class if you want to get elected but being intellectual is the greatest affliction when looking for votes. For some reason we like to be smarter than the people we vote to govern us…

Ivana is not the most personable but I suppose if Joan Burton can get elected there is hope. If D McWilliams runs in that constituency it is going to be electric!

I believe that from what I see of him that Peter Matthews, Aka Banker Matthews has a lot more balls that George Lee.

I believe that even though he may run for and get elected for FG that he will not tow the party line but will actually vote against the party line if he feels that it’s not in the best interests of the nation. He’s already identified himself through actions thus far to not being a “yes sir” type of man.

I am of the opinion that he’s the type of candidate that we really need in this country. I believe that his choosing to run for FG is a mistake however but I’d still vote for him nonetheless.

I thank him for speaking in plain language and standing up for good practice in general versus chancers such as forty gaffs frank fahey.

Bravo and good luck to you Peter!

The point is that he could use the whip to facilitate his getting elected.
I’m not really sure that being in FG would really be a facilitator but that seems to be a done issue now anyway.
What I believe is that he would abandon the whip and stand in opposition to bad governance. That’s why I would vote for him. As I said I don’t believe he’s a “yes sir” type of man. I believe he is principled.
The whip system is a rubbish system of control. Better to have discussion and drive for harmony and pursuit of the best.

Disclosure: I have never met Peter Matthews and only know of him by what has been shown on the internet about him. I like that!

I don’t disagree with you, but in this specific constituency Ivana is a perfect foil to Eamonn gilmore

One wonders at FG’s logic in their candidate selection. Peter Matthews is a genuine guy but I reckon he would be a completely unmanangeable candidate. Can you imagine him at a party meeting speaking to his colleagues the way he spoke to people at the finance committee meetings? I can’t help suspecting that they are depending on Shane Ross to make sure he doesn’t get elected. After that they will be able to say that they ran him as a candidate because they are willing to bring people like him in. It is a stunt imho. I can’t believe they are trying it in the same constituency again. In fact, I dare say that the people of DS will be far more likely to vote for an independent celebrity like Ross rather than an FG internet celeb like Matthews. Not only that but Matthews will increase the transfer to Ross.

With that said, if Peter Matthews does get elected he will be a very interesting TD. Then again we said that about George Lee!