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They seemed pretty good at increasing government spending to me.

Its all about the difference between their retoric (lassie-faire free markets), and their actions (state price control of the most important commodity - money).

To be fair to Keynes politicians have only ever implemented half of his policy perscription (deficit spending by Govt in recession) and ignored the other half (higher taxes during a boom to create a fund to fight the next recession).

Now who could have predicted that.

Bush also claimed to be for low taxes. if you want low taxes then you have to have small government. Bush tried to have low taxes and big government (huge military etc.). You can only pull this off if you finance it by borrowing (higher taxes in the future plus interest) or inflation/money printing (invisable tax on spending power of voters). He choose to do BOTH.

There is no free lunch. The Austrians call for sound currency linked to gold so that any taxes are transparent, and for balanced government budgets. Low taxes must be financed by smaller government quangos etc.

Bush and greenspan practiced “Voodoo economics” to quote some other dude :slight_smile:


Starting wars does tend to do that all right.

I’d say they were both idiots, for different reasons - neither of the reasons was “keynesian” though. Greenspan was a half-monetarist (good at lowering interest rates, tended to forget to raise them, tried to ignore inflation by cherry-picking numbers), Bush was a laissez-faire anti-regulatory idiot (which puts him close to the austrian school), with warlike tendencies.

True - further evidence that you can’t blame keynes for people who didn’t listen to him. And why i believe a ‘central fiscal authority’ should have responsibility for managing long term government budget balance, not a political appointee.

I’m not disagreeing here - my point was to question the position and knowledge of anyone who can possibly manage to blame keynesian policies for the current problem.

Under-regulation (aka bush), and ill judged monetary policy (aka greenspan) was largely to blame, keynesian policies weren’t even in the game.


The latest report:


“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”

Doesn’t that really sum up the choice China has with Geitner?


Nice interview with Mr. Schiff on The Daily Show: … ff-on-tds/


“If the Fed investigated the Fed it would shut it down…”


More of the dirty Fed dealings and stitch ups:



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After the vertical rise in the markets this week,time for a reality check from John Browne:


I find it strange that Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Capital company has its bank account with the Bank of New York, insists on payments in dollars, and for amounts not less then $10,000…?

If he’s so sure the dollar is going to collapse, why does he transact all his business in dollars? Why are company accounts all in dollars? Why no European/Asian bank account? Surely that’s the safest thing to do, given the forthcoming hyperflation and dollar collapse? :angry:


I heard him explain this before. Money laundering rules mean that brokers must report transactions over $10,000. FINRA (financial regulator) rules forbid brokers from accepting an amount of less than $10,000. if he recieves a cheque for less than $10,000 he is obliged to return it. That’s how I remember it anyway.

After you open an account you can hold uninvested cash or dividends in a number of currencies or in a currency basket thingy.


From the Financial Times … ck_check=1



John Browne on the recent warnings of the oil producers to set up an alternative oil exchange:


While there is no doubt that Schiff is having his moment in the sun, his background is interesting.

As I understand it, his father was/is one of those ‘tax is unconstitutional’ people and refused to pay taxes.
As a result he is/was jailed for it.

To my mind, this provides adequate personal motivation for Schiffs positions.
Indeed, the fact that I believe his motivation is personal leads me, rightly or wrongly, to be circumspect about his pronouncements.

I would be more inclined to give my ear to Roubini and Faber, although I know nothing of their backgrounds or motivations.


faber is more on the ball for me, but schiff takes some beating. However now that hes on the campaugfn trail hes watered down some of his views, hes not stressing reductions in military spending but rather more attacks on the poor which is disappointing


John Browne:


John Browne’s latest:


schiff running for the senate sees him wearing the american flag

and now hes saying he might have gone into Iraq and now would consider blowing up IRAN
FFS, he just laments the fact the US cant afford the empire

im disgusted

Ron paul all the way