Peter Schiff vs others on Fox

This is entertaining and frightening stuff, the only person on this who knows what he is talking about is Peter Schiff.

It’s great stuff, isn’t it. I particularly like the Peter Schiff line that if your house isn’t worth what you have it mortgaged for, your best bet is just to walk away from it. The bank is the one that stands to lose, not the home ‘owner’.

Schiff says oils headed for 150 dollars a barrel. :open_mouth:
Mike says war is good for the economy :unamused:
I have a bad feeling about this :frowning:

Mikes days are numbered " … well I predict a lot of things…" my does he know how to shout, why are they all shouting?

that guy Mike is a total retard. war is good for the economy because someone else is paying for it, not this time.

Tell that to the British in 1919/1946 - war was good for the US then, because Britain, France and Russia beggared themselves to buy American goods with money borrowed from America. This time as Schiff says, the war is on credit and is going to need to be paid back some day.