Petrol in the UK under £1 - the irony

Back in the day, when comparing ourselves to the UK we could offset our high VRT and road tax against cheaper petrol. But now, even with exchange rates petrol is now equal or (depending on the fx rate) marginally cheaper in the UK -

1gbp → 1.28465eur - petrol in some UK supermarkets dropped to 99.9p a litre or 1.283eur which is at least what we’ll be paying with with our 8c a litre increase … 23e80.html

People in the South can now fill up their cars while their saving money shopping in Tescos up North… :angry:

The average of last weeks prices was E119.9c (, with lower available if you went shopping, so a rise of 8c would make the price the same as the UK.

I passed 2 garages on the way to work - one at 126.95c and one at 128.95c

Also a little ironic now that the rise in duty per litre might lead to a drop in total income as you will have less people travelling across the border from the north to fill up in the south.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one pans out.

That’s not ironic at all. An increase in price leads to less demand. The government ministers should re-sit the basics of economic laws.

its nornironic :smiley:

runs off to grab coat

True but in this case petrol is a necessity for anyone driving a (petrol) car so you’d think there would only be a small reduction in demand as people ration. But in border areas I’d say there’s a good change (as corner_back states) that there will be no demand for southern petrol from northern drivers.

I am border lord ( 500 yards from the border on southern side ) and this is definitely going to have a massive impact on southern filling stations, this was the only saving grace for southern filling stations for the last number of years as everybody flocked north to shop especially in the last 14 months with the exchange rate fluctuations. How ironic that one of the two local stations is owned by a prominent FF councillor who was ripping everybody off, with prices always 7 or 8 cents higher than Dublin and elsewhere down the country. The down side to this unfortunately is that there will be job losses in the local community which didnt experience the celtic tiger years.

A mention for … 68566.html

93.9p in Derry this week. This is going to completely devastate all those Donegal border towns where the only employment in recent years was in the mushrooming petrol station/shop outfits catering to all the Nordies.

Cigs got cheaper in the north about 6 months ago, now it’s not worth bothering to nip across the border for petrol. Combined with all the southerners living anywhere near the border now doing all their weekly shopping, cigarette and petrol purchases in the north, this probably represents another €100m hole in the VAT/excise tax receipts.

if loss of a handful of minimum wage jobs devastates a local economy well…was there an economy there in the first place

In Donegal? No. Never has been. As anyone with any knowledge of Ireland is well aware.

You don’t know much about much, do you Tyler?

For the record:

My local garage: €1.079 (Dub burb). Last I saw Tesco doing 99¢ if you spend a ton in the shop.

I cashed in :slight_smile: Though considering prices are still going down :angry:

There really is f**k all of an economy in Donegal! Although I’m from Dublin, I’ve spent my life up and down to the wee place.

The smugglers will be going the other way now :wink:

It’s a beautiful place though, what more economy does it need other than tourism? It should have been satisfied with that.


Please tell me you are taking the piss.

No, Donegal is a beautiful place.

Bought my first litre of petrol in UK in 1988 at GBP 0.53p per litre. Adjusted for inflation, still cheap.