Petrol Prices - The Cost of Oil


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Just updated for the statoil on the quays - diesel and petrol both 159.9

How do they do business! Must be all the legal workers in the fourcourts

They are the most expensive in the country by far! Someone was saying that the garda and ambulances fill up there, maybe they have some sort of a contract. Also they are the only ones within the canals now I think.

Still, unjustifiable prices.

The Gardai use a business statoil card and get it at a set rate no matter what statoil they use. Its usually 5/6cent under the lowest statoil price.
Dont know how the ambulance operate.

fair enough, I guess it’s just lazy/stupid tax that keeps the place in operation so.

I betcha its the people working in the four courts, seriously! Ive worked in there a few times and alot of them use the carpark beside the statoil. Gas guzzlers etc.

It all makes sense!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why them?

Maybe its people stuck on the quays during rush our thinking “I’ll save a few minutes by nipping here, sure I’m not moving anyway”

Yep theres another theory, all the people in crawling through traffic burning up the petrol! If your anyway near empty you better pull in and take your medicine!! Because the traffic up ahead is gonna drink your fuel!


The Derek Mooney Show on RTE did interviews from there with a roving reporter a few months back.
When people were asked did they not mind paying so much the common response was they never checked the price of petrol and had no idea how much petrol should cost!
Those who did know the price said they did’nt care as they were on company expense accounts.
No normal people were found to interview :smiley:

Ahh so a combination of stupid tax and lazy tax.

If I owned that Petrol station I would charge more


Serious pressure is still being kept on oil prices: … 84245.html

If there is a serious hurricane in the gulf of Mexico this year I would not be at all surprised to see crude hit 100 dollars a barrel.OPEC are also pumping less oil this year and have no intention of opening the taps.American refineries are under pressure as they still haven’t completed maintenance after hurricane Katrina in 2005.
The situation in Iran and Nigeria is also deteriorating.
This situation is going to have to be watched very closely as Irish inflation is already out of control and this will only add [cough] fuel to the fire.
I can guarantee you Trichet is watching that oil price closely too :wink:

I would not bet on that esp. if the consumer is at the pin of it’s collar trying to pay back a mortgage it shouldn’t have taken out in the first place.Anyway it’s what that price will do to inflation and ultimately interest rates is what will do the real damage.

I’m glad someone eventually raised this topic of energy. Blinded by talk of housing crashes and elections and offical turnings of blind eyes, this post may be the first time for many readers to be made aware of just how precarious the situation regarding the lack of energy in Ireland actually is. You won’t believe it until you sit down and think of how hard hit Ireland and the world is going to be when there is NO MORE OIL OR GAS to extract from the ground. The current price rises are a barely a foretaste of the dire consequences of what is to come. Fuel-siphoning from cars will become a widespread criminal activity.

Things will get bad, then they will get worse, and then awful. Civilisation as we know it today will cease. A lot of people are going to die from cold, starvation, social disorder, and disease in the next decade. That’s impossible you say? Funny how history repeats itself: I can imagine the Romans saying the same thing 2,000 years ago about their empire…

The current crises in fuel is nothing compared to the wipeout that will occur in the next 5 - 8 years, the full impact of which has not hit home to the Irish yet as to what that will actually mean for them. The announcement from Blair about the necessity of building a slew of nuclear power stations across Britain should really ram it home about how exposed we are to the effects of disappearing oil and gas. Unfortunatly it got hardly a whisper in the media: no one wants to face an unpleasant situation for which there is little hope of recovery.

We get our oil from Russia at the end of a very very long pipeline. When the oil begins to run out, do you think Russia will keep it flowing for us or keep the dwinling supples to feed and warm her own population? The North Sea is already dry so there’ll be no help from the UK.

Most have been fooled into the belief that wind, tidal, hydrogen, corn-ethanol etc. will somehow save us. They won’t. An example, it’s estimated a 1/2 acre of corn is required to make enough ethanol for a 2,774 mile trip: according to Hibernian, an Irish driver drives 13,500 miles a year: that’s 50 acres required per car per year. With 1.6m cars on the road (2004), that’s 65,000,000 millions acres taken away from food production into fuel production. To put that figure into context, the entire country covers a little under 23,000,000 million acres…

In fact “green energy” requires a fossil fuel economy to (a) make the turbines, and (b) to keep them operating: When one breaks down (as they do nortoriously often) what happens? They send out a gas-guzzling power-boat to fix it! And if there’s no gas to run the boat to reach the turbine, or even to make the component to fix it…?

Once-off homes will be hardest hit: you won’t be able to ring anyone to get your oil delivered, because there will be no oil to deliver. Rationing will become the norm until supplies completely dry up, then you’re completely screwed. All the equity in the world isn’t going to feed or warm yourself or your family.

Ok. So you can live with the lights being off for a few hours every day you say? In 10 years it will become permanent: invest in candles now! You like flushing toilets? Well where does all that sewage go? To plants that require burning oil to treat the water. Bang goes flushing toilets. You like having clean water? Ditto the process of the sewage plant. You like having food to eat? Well where does the corn in your breakfast cereal come from? A field in China most likely: it reaches your table at the end of a very long supply chain involving fertlisers, tractors, trucks, ships, more trucks, processing factories, trucks to the shops, and your car to pick it all up. I won’t even go into the people behind the logistics who require to get to work and running computers, communication systems, etc. in order to make all this happen. ALL OF THESE REQUIRE A FOSSIL FUEL ECONOMY to operate. The result? Severing of supply chains - no more cornflakes for breakfast for you. Or pasteurised milk. Or coffee. Or tea. Or frozen foods. Or vegatables/fruits. Or take-aways. Or…well, you get the idea.

But at least there will be some food available, right? Wrong. Feeding the 6 billion of this planet takes place only due to massive mechanized acricultural factories based solely on fossil fuels: from the fertiliser to increase yield, to the tractors harvesting the crop, to the plant processing the raw grain: *none of it *can operate without fossil fuels.

Travel by plane will cease. Also by car. All these massive road networks will be completely empty. So will the airports and the high seas. No more tourists or touristing. The world is going to contract to a very small place indeed, akin to medival Europe where people lived in small self-sustained hamlets. Cities will be dangerous and unhabitable with no food or heat available.

So as you fixate on falling house prices, with your finger on the Buy button, step back and think 5 years into the future: You have a house but how are you going to live?

If you now feel apprenhensive about the future, then this post has done its job and I hope you will raise it with your newly elected TD who should be briming with enthuasism. If you don’t think that there is a problem, and you are “somehow” going to be OK, then that is a victory for ignorance and the government and I am sorry for you, because the day you realise civilization is drawing to a close will be when you’re standing naked in your bath, clicking the on switch for your electric shower and nothing happens. Time’s up when you reach that point.

Have another read of the timelines of these events mentioned above. This is not a problem being passed to our children. It’s OUR problem. Now.

Hey C&B you been thinking about this stuff a long time.

I see your point clearly because I agree with it. I also share it and so do many on this forum (to some degree or another). I’ll give it that the property bubble is just a sub bubble of the bubble of all bubbles.

We often hear, “its the economy stupid” we’ll years back one day I said “its the environment stupid” and that still hasn’t changed in my mind (though you won’t find me in the greens, not radical enough by a long shot).

Ireland isn’t energy-secure, its 100% energy-exposed.

Indeed we could be looking at mega death, the rise of tribalism once more (as if this election doesn’t already prove that :wink: ) as a means of life.

The most important thing to protect beside basic human survival is the safe storage/retention of our vast empirical knowledge base. I see this as humanities never ending challenge as its obvious we have reached many developed levels of vast intelligence only to be wiped out and the clock set back to zero. Without this not much separates us from a deep type of dark-age. However humanity is clever and adaptable or we wouldn’t be here.

I’d be more optimistic. I’m revising my “global warming” & “carbon footprint” positions, in fact I never quite warmed to the whole carbon footprint idea in the first place, especially as the pace of governmental support rocketed for it. I am moving towards a natural cycle (yet I would not equate this position as a justification to exploit all reserves of fossil fuels as the energy giants are quietly trying to do)

I’m a big believer in a totally alternative approach to life, the idea of infinite cycles of endless finite combinations.

There is a way out of it. I can feel this.

The best I have come across in terms of developed solution is this,

I’m also greatly empathic reader of Bucky fuller ( , its that way of approaching problems, this book is a direct descendant of this school of thought (it be omniversal). There are a couple of omni heads on this forum, they know who they are!

Its a natural thing for me and I accept it is not for others, I only ask that its expression in this time should not prohibited to deny best solution instead of pandering to the irrational fears that others use to control the lot of us to provide pre-failed-solutions=waste.

Make what you will of this cascade of events leading to a New Energy Crisis

Its a plausible scenario, but there is no point getting worked up about it since its not something we have any control over.

Nice link GB. However just to comment on the slant of the writer it, to me it desperately smacks of the usual *pro-US-right-to-the-planet-superiority-complex *. You can’t blame all the powers that be maneuvering for position considering they are looking to future energy security with the whole story considered.

One thing that gets me is that Iran has a population of 70 million, invasions of countries of this (if that’s how it is to be) population mass are uncharted territory in the modern era WWII excluded, the global economic consequences are massive. I think it’s a futile effort by the US as it would only undermine their flagging war effort.

Iraq stands as a perfect example; it is a mess, maybe an intentional mess. I’m not ruling it out though, as it’s my No#1 known geo-location for the next global wildcat event.

These are interesting times indeed.

Nine US military ships enter Persian Gulf Wednesday, assembling off Iran’s coast in largest American naval move since 2003

This is standard procedure for the American’s before they go to war, provoke the enemy to fire on you, just like the Tonkin incident that led to war in South East Asia. The Vietnam war bankrupted the United States, forcing them finally off the gold standard and onto the corrupt fiat money system we have today. The problem is this fiat system can only keep expanding as long as the energy and raw materials are there to support the underlying economy and it is this control of resources that is leading to war. In fact since raw materials are paid for in dollars and those dollars are just printed out of thin air, the USA effectively gets its resources for free, irrespective of the cost. So of course they are going to defend the dollar hegemony and their access to cheap energy.

US Eggs Iran Into WWIII … an_in.html

US Navy Sailing Into Death Trap Persian Gulf Waters … iling.html

**IRAN-IRAN-IRAN ** … /0404.html

This is relevant to Ireland because the inflation of the monetary supply caused by the continuing debasement of the dollar is feeding directly into the house prices here. The only way to arrest this is to restrict the availability of credit and the only tool the ECB has to control this is by raising interest rates, they will do this until something breaks.

Oil industry wary as hurricane season commences:

Oil industry wary as hurricane season commences: