Petrol to exceed €1.50 per litre by the new year?


With the euro getting trashed, crude oil heading back towards $100 and Lenny eyeing an increase in Excise duty and VAT, what will be the price at the pumps?

How long before the hauliers and taxi drivers start protesting?

Are the current prices an all-time high anyway?


maybe Whizzbang has some ideas? ->


£1.22 in the UK last week - 1.17 to the £ thats €1.41.

I don’t know where we are in the league table of European petrol prices these days but we used to be pretty low. I’m not sure why (perhaps the border trade) but I’ll be surprised if petrol doesn’t get hit in the budget. Personally I’d rather see VRT and Road Tax replaced by higher petrol prices - It would take a disc off my windscreen and save a few civil servants and Garda time.


In June 2008, petrol was about the same as now, but diesel was about 12c dearer than now, according to


equivalent of €1.47 here in Sweden today, there has been almost 10 cent increase in price in the last two weeks.


€1.43 for Benzin here on the local forecourts in Baden-Wuttemburg today. Diesel is 1.3something; wasn’t paying attention


Anyone notice that the petrol stations have gotten a pre-Budget hike in? Up 3 cent since the weekend.


Yeah! The price of crude has been bouncing along the $90 dollar ceiling recently as well, plus the €uro has been weak against the Dollar.


Yep although it wasn’t as sustained and we seem to be edging past that marker now and most likely will go further from midnight tomorrow.

Yeah over the last weeks its crept up most places.

As well as Hauliers this rate is going to hit commuters hard. Fuel Forgiveness anyone?


At what point does it become uneconomic to commute and trigger a whole new local collapse
and secondly what is the tipping point for a second international recession?


When it becomes cheaper to go on the scratcher than to commute to a poorly paid job miles from home!


Gasoline crack (margin) has jumped a lot over the past 3 weeks; from about $5 to $10
it’s not just about crude prices, refinery capacity and hence margins are under pressure due to recovering economy in West and China


Are you reading my mind? One of the side effects of the high wage economy of the last 10 years was that it made sense for people to take jobs well outside their “home” area and if this is no longer possible, many of these people may just give up work as they often have other reasons for commuting rather than moving, such as elderly family needing care, spouses family, family farm etc etc. If they leave their current jobs they may well not be replaced leading to a double whammy for the taxpayer. Lower priced road fuel made a lot of the original boom possible.


Bit of insight here from the users.

I wouldn’t be surprised at 1.50 petrol by years end, budget will probably kick the average in Dublin over to 1.40s.


Queue at the pumps this evening. My empty light was on which was why I was there. Price was 1.35/lt. Was a bit surprised as i don’t use much and hadn’t filled up for a bit. Guess the budget has a lot of people on edge.


euro fuel prices … er2010.pdf
We’re not the dearest or the cheapest. Some room for raising excise or carbon tax without leaking trade to the north.


So If I’m to read that correctly a 10cent on diesel in the budget and we’re No. 1 Woo Hoo !!!

What a way to go backways 8DD


If prices rise at the pump, it trickles through to everyone.
Almost all goods in the country are transported by road. Grocery prices on the shelves will increase, surcharges on sending packages etc.


filled the tank with diesel this morning to avoid the inevitable queues tonight and the almost inevitable extra duty from after midnight. Cost 126.9 per litre. That’s a 5c increase since I last filled up approx 3 weeks ago (usually drive more but have had the car under wraps for the last week with the weather). What are we looking at from midnight? 5c minimum?


Mabye they’ll up the carbon tax as well, the Green Party might like some sort of a fig leaf they can hold out to their supporters before the election.

That should push petrol and diesel up a bit more.