Petrol to exceed €1.50 per litre by the new year?


Most of the car usage, especially in big urban centres, is pure waste and idiocy. Parents driving their kids to schools less then a mile away, popping up into the gym to burn up the exess energy. Coffee shop on the way back.
And I don’t even want to start about most of the transport managers in haulage operations. I tell you, I’ve seen a lot. Idiocracy is like a Mensa Club comparing to them.
Do you remember travel agents selling 2 or 3 days holidays to Canaries? Or flying 2000 miles to watch the favourite sports team? (Actors and posers anyway). It’s all gone. And it’s a good thing.
All in all the NWO is not a bad thing. Order out of chaos. One of the way of achieving it, is total destruction of the wasteful way the “economy” is run now.
Hopefully it will bring back the artisan manufacturing back to Europe and USA. I mean the likes of proper leather shoes lasting 10 years, woolen coats costing half year salary but lasting a lifetime, cars can be made to last 100 years without any maintenance but changing tyres every 250k miles. I tell you there is technology for that.
We have to finish this idiocy of working to work. It has to end. Work is to make things lasting and to be enjoyed. UBI will cover most of our needs.


While I agree with most of what you’re saying, the main culprit is excessive consumerism backed up by planned obsolescence & globalism. Artisan manufacturing is not the answer, but distributed manufacturing on a regional basis is far better than one giant factory.
The main issue is that the products they manufacture must not be “designed to fail” and be repairable. We know that they won’t be as cheap as the 5 years at most Chinese stuff, however it is better to pay 50% more for a product that lasts 100% or more longer.

More localisation, WFH and better public transport and the need to “price ration” fuel goes away.


You’re deluding yourselves. Those who hold freedom, human freedom and inalienable rights at best in contempt are not working to our childrens childrens children best interests.

Recognise the totality and attempt of a full spectrum power grab before your very eyes.


Absolutely, the planned obsolescence must be stopped right now. They allways stick some small plastic part in, by design, which is prone to break. It should wash down the drain the likes of so called “Green Parties”, which are the cover for the Big Oil and Big Manufacturing. I had numerous raws with them when the co2 tax band were brought in, which wiped out the old, good quality fleet of petrol cars in Ireland back 10 years ago. What we have now are overworked small Diesel engines, with PDFs removed (NCT won’t find out).
Diesel is loaded with “biofuels” which is a method of dispersing glyphosate among the urban population, adding to respiratory illnesses and most likely cancer.
I’d guess it’s not a problem to remove 75% of energy usage , without our quality of life suffering too much, and probably even getting 1 or 2 trips to the sunnier destinations (without the QR code hopefully) . Actually we can gain more. Less work and more time to enjoy the life.
So COVID, as a cover for debt driven banking system collapse, NWO creation, some levels of depopulation, UBI and few other things to be presented to humans, is a positive change.

Who knows, maybe with the energy from ether, teleportation, dematerialisation, time travel etc.


99.999% of population used their own hands to put the muzzle on their face. Same with the crowds at the extermination centres. They walked there, some are even bringing their own children.

That’s why they despise the huge majority of humans, I would guess they don’t consider them humans anymore.

And I think I know the reason. … the concept of one and only one life, the biggest lie to be compared only with the blue ball spinning in the space.


You are perfectly free to live any lifestyle you want (and I’ve been hearing that sanctimonious shit since the 1970’s) but to be perfectly blunt I don’t give a flying fuck what you think about how other people live their lives. They have every right to live as they please not matter how much it might offend your “sensibilities”. More right in fact. No matter how unpleasant they are in person. Because it all just sounds like spiteful jealousy from here. Just like those kind of rant always have.

You are free to go off and try to live your hippy dippy shit for brains fantasy, which is all it is, and wallow in the resulting misery . Because thats how it always end. In a terrible fiasco that usually destroys peoples lives. You should read up on how those 1960’s communes worked out. They believed all that Small is Beautiful, Sustainable Lifestyle crap. Its nothing new. Usually turned out very badly. Sometimes very very badly. But it always collapsed in the end. Because its actually a very stupid idea.

The reason I have such utter contempt for all eco’s is because they are such a dangerous combination of self righteous stupidly and incipient totalitarianism. Complete unwilling to take any responsibility for all the resulting disasters of their simplistic and moralistic politics.

No matter how terrible the consequences and how obvious the causality link with their policies they will never ever take any responsibility or ever change their opinion. They think moral grandstanding and “good intentions” absolved them of all responsibly for the misery and mayhem they cause. Which they inevitable do.

Its like dealing with a really fucking dense 14 year old very slow on the uptake. The only difference is that most stupid 14 year old’s eventually get some sense knocked into them. One way or another. Very few ecos ever do.

Your fantasy world is just that. A fantasy. The reality would quickly descent into an eco-fascist dystopian hell hole. Just like the “intellectuals” behind Die Grunen in Germany want to create. The scariest document I’ve read recently is a translation of the German version of their full political manifesto. The official English version leaves out some very important terms. A bit like the first bowdlerized English translation of Mein Kampf did. To all our cost.

So yeah, thats a nice fantasy you have there but its actually very stupid. No matter how attractive it might sound in the abstract. Because its been tried many many times before. Over the last few thousand years. Always ended badly. Its just a recipe for killing huge numbers of people. And dont think its going to be “other people” who suffer either. A mistake made by all utopian idealists down the ages. Because when the real mayhem starts they are the first into the meat-grinder,

So actually not a good idea.


The future will tell, but the mentality of bacterias on a Petri dish sooner or later leads to the death of all inhabitants.
There is no more countries left NATO can invade and loot.


That’s pure Malthusian thinking, and today the uber Malthusians agenda, Agenda 2030 is out in full force - no one voted for any of this. None of it. Not a bit.

It’s full spectrum eugenics for the Island of Ireland, the Globlaists favourite little petri dish of experimentation.

Be careful what you wish for… :whistle:


As if voting ever mattered? Let’s presume the population statistics are true, the growth from ~1b a century ago to ~7 or 8b now was based on fossil fuel extraction, mainly oil, great source of condensed energy.
So, have a look how USA pumps the oil nowadays. Decline from mid 70ties to 2010. And then some huge jump. But what caused the jump? It was the fracking technology. What’s in the liquid pumped into the ground? 2% are highly toxic chemicals, polimers plus whatever . Would you wish for it in your morning coffee? This liquid doesn’t miraculously disappear. It will find it’s way into underground water aquifers.
OW, I’m not worried at all. Just forget about their idea of Only One Live. It’s just the Earth Suit we are in.
That’s the core.


I wouldn’t worry about that much, 99% of the cracking fluid ends a long way below the water table.
it’s the remaining 1% that you should worry about.


The extention of American domination was most likely based on the fracking technology, as usual at the expense of future generations wellbeing, in order to maintain the status quo.
It doesn’t matter how many will perish with obesity, food and water poisoning, Big Pharma malpractice.
The Menace is not following the same path anyway. Orelse the Big Industry somehow bailed out.


Absolutely, sir. 2% of the liquid are chemicals on top of 98% of water and sand. Coffee ot tea anyone? Would you know how does it circulate under the Earth surface, does any “scientist” can estimate? Not possible.


What’s left is the question of abiogenic self replenishing oil reserves. This is a Russian thing.


With abiogenic oil the theory of DINOSAURS go down the drain. The DINOSAURS and SPINNING BALL are the core of children’s indoctrination in the “educational” institutions. That’s how they start, (based on my personal observations, the evidence collected). Once they have them hooked on that, any bullshit will follow.
Plus of course the usual blockages of vaccines, fluoride, food poisoning, mind control from electronic devices, religion and family indoctrination.


The Regime levied more tax, 2c on the price of a litre of gas, is that a carbon tax or an expansion of an existing tax on car fuel?

The reason I ask, one is wondering if the recent price hike to approx. €1.70/l for petrol was primarily a market price increase?


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