Petrol to exceed €1.50 per litre by the new year?


yes, save a fortune on legal costs also and would be economical more efficient

nah, don’t buy that at all.
I think you can increase the price of petrol and it has little impact on the economy - most petrol cars are bought by boy racers and by women as “runarounds” - neither of which are a serious cost factor for the economy.

Increasing the price of diesel is dangerous as all goods are transported by diesel powered van/trucks, many service companies would have their salesmen, executives driving diesel cars, agricultural product would be affected by agricultural diesel prices - many of these would try to pass on the costs!!!


interesting part of the reason for the surge in **crude ** on the world market is due to Michael Lowry and the Government/budget


Heard 4¢ on unleaded on Newstalk; and previously heard prolonged over $100 pb would cause trouble, is $70-80 ‘meant’ to be the current stable range?

Pepper the above with provisos please.


The problem is not just $100 oil. Its $100 oil AND a weak euro.

People who think a weak currency solves all your problems are going to get a lesson in economics.


Petrol consumers will have less to spend elsewhere, so it will have an impact, especially for commuters who have petrol cars, most older cars are petrol!


Also, today’s 4c increase in excise is really 5c after you pay the VAT on the excise!


Is there any way to adapt a car to run on kerosene, ie heating oil? Even after the budget its still less than €1 per litre. If jet engines can run on kerosene, then why not cars?


So fossil fuels get more and more expensive, was anyone expecting it to get cheaper?


arent we due a carbon budget in the next few days too?


Natural gas is getting cheaper on the world market due to technological progress in transporting liquified natural gas that used to be flared off. And soon shale gas from Poland and Germany will be coming on stream making it even cheaper.

Im not sure if Bord Gais are passing on the price reductions to irish customers, as I dont have gas myself.


It includes VAT according to Mr. Lemmy’s speech.


Turbines tend to be more tolerant than their piston using cousins, but in principle, there is no reason why something close to kerosene couldn’t be used in cars.

In modern diesel engines, the main problem is likely the injection pump - it likes oily juice, and kerosene is a bit too ‘thin’. There’s a very good chance a mix would work fine, or kerosene with some kind of oil added.
Naturally, this is a try at your own risk thing though :slight_smile:

Then again, they’d just change the tax, or do the old coloured diesel trick - i suspect that home heating oil is already illegal to use in cars, they probably just don’t check.


Yes - AFAIK home heating kerosene is ‘dyed’ red and is illegal to use in road vehicles. I think it is only slightly red but when a sample is added to hydrochloric acid when the Excise officer dips your tank at the roadside check it goes seriously red as will your face! Fines are substantial and Revenue has massive powers (more than the Gardai - they can enter your home without a warrant) including confiscation of your car if they feel like it.
I think what we used to call “red diesel” i.e. agri-diesel, now uses green marker dye.
I had a farmer friend who used to leave red diesel in large glass jars in sunlight to make the dye disappear - the fuel went clear anyway - however I suspect the test would still catch him.
I’ve used supermarket vegetable oil now and then in Summertime mixed in with 75% diesel, but only when it’s cheap or or when Tesco/Dunnes were doing 50% back weekends say - normally veg and sunflower oil are suspiciously the same price as diesel!


10pm Dec 7th 2010:


That would be worrying if true, but apparently they would need a warrant.

“The Revenue are required to obtain a warrant to search premises that are ‘wholly used as a dwelling house’. A warrant may be issued by a district judge where he is satisfied that it is proper to do so.”

Oh, and the best prices i’ve seen lately are at the Applegreen station in Kinsealy.


Where’s that? Unleaded in my area is 1.419 this morning.


Ashbourne. Don’t know what it is as of this morning.


Fair enough - they must have cut back on some of the Napoleonic-era powers they used to have when the little barstewards used to stop me at midnight on the bridge across the Boyne in Slane in the Eighties (with the Border passed an hour earlier), examining the car for one pack of fags too many…

Re “Mineral Oil” i.e. fuel:
From their own guidance documents:


More like necessity to use energy anywhere we can get it
If there had been a market for it, it would have been made years ago


You can save about 50% of costs by converting to CNG, but as there are no stations selling it, you would have to live in area where gas is supplied to house.