Petrol to exceed €1.50 per litre by the new year?


a diesel will run on kerosene just dilute it with some diesel or veg oil, % needs to be right and changed with temperature.
Its is illegal though.


Once upon a time quite a few tractors ran on TVO, tractor vaporising oil, which was a form of kerosene. They started on petrol and when warmed up the TVO was run through some sort of evaporator which turned it into vapour for the engine to burn.
I can just about remember a tractor being converted to run on TVO. It was about the time that the ESB arrived with their new fangled AC power. I think that I read, some years ago, of road engines adapted for boats and converted to TVO.
I suspect that you could do it with an old carburettor fed petrol engine but given the lack of efficiency of a 30 yaer or more engine compared to a modern fuel injected an electronically managed engine the TVO/kerosene would need to be a helluva lot than €1 per litre. Be good fun to do it though, but a hobby thing not a financial thing.
Jet engines do indeed run on kerosene and some can at a pinch be run on other fuels although usually a pretty high cost in terms of reduced overhaul life. I think that there was in fact one versio of the PT6 which was in fact cleared to burn agricultural diesel. It was of course fitted in an Ag plane.


I saw 1.428 this morning in a petrol station supplied by Applegreen (but seemingly without the franchise, no signage or anything), could’ve sworn it was 1.368 yesterday :frowning:


#2 heating oil is pretty much diesel (maybe minus a couple of additives like ignition accelerators). Mix it in with about a third diesel, and run a tank of clean diesel now and again, and no problems. However heating oil has a dye in it, and you may be dipped to test for it (particularly in a recession). Huge fines. If you’re keen though, I’ve heard that some install a false tank with the clean diesel, leading to the filler cap, with a false tank hidden to run on the heating oil.


The fine is 5K. The savings might be about 1K per year. Going on my fathers and my driving histories the probability of being dipped on any one year in a standard diesel saloon is about 1/30. Make it 1/10 or 1/20 and you are stilll quids in. If you get caught the first time you might have to stop though.


I’ve heard of them testing the engines; the injectors can still have dyes even when the tank is clean; something to be wary of esp. when buying a second hand Totyota Corolla with KY reg :slight_smile:


I reckon that if it is not already part of the NCT, it will be. With the NCT supposedly moving to an annual fund raising event, the scope for increased revenue is quite large…


wont argue, I’m not a mechanic -
I can’t remember where I heard it; maybe anecdotal - or maybe a more accessible part of the car/other than the tank.

Funny though I’ve never come across a checkpoint for it - though apparently parking in the vicinity of a Mart is asking for trouble :wink:


I know an old boy who used to run Ag diesel in his old Merc 300D, used to mix a bit of burnt oil in with it to blacken it up. He claimed to have been dipped a number of times and got away with it. However that was 20 years ago and detection methods may have improved since then. Woeful black smoke out of it too. :stuck_out_tongue:


OK, I was out by a couple of months, and it was helped along by a full-scale rebellion, but I saw petrol at 151.9 today.

It has to have an effect on disposable incomes an business profit margins.


I’ve largely given up driving and get trains and busses instead. The thought of paying nearly €100 for a full tank of petrol scares me.


There’s no inflation. or so the bosses claim.


…and almost 70 of the 100 euro is tax. A low tax country, I think not.


Just think about the fact that the pump price is about tow months behind the crude oil price, we’re in for some sharp increases over the next couple of months. €1.60 by Easter is likely.

Spare a thought for the yanks, their tax free fuel means they see a full 30% plus rise.


If the entire world stopped producing petrol engines and switched to diesel, would the fuel efficiency savings have much of an impact on the price of a barrel ?


Not really, the byproducts from the refinery are dependent on the input oil. You would likely end up with lakes of cheap petrol and expensice diesel.

This is one of the issues the world is having, the extra Saudi oil that is (allegedly) now available is of a much poorer quality than the Libyan oil that is now in short supply, the refinaries would need to be re-engineered to work it.


I think last year in the U.K, was the first year in history that more diesel cars were sold than petrol cars. This latest spike may spell the end for the 4X4s and bling laden Humvees, and thankfully so.


The annoying thing is there is no physical shortage just a load of speculators anticipating a shortage driving up the price…


The spainsh have a way of tackeling it, drive slower and make public transport cheaper!


A gallon of petrol cost 31c in the USA in 1960.

Peter Schiff claims that if America had stayed on the Gold Standard the current price would be about 13c per gallon.

All coins minted before 1964 contained 90% silver. The current value of a pre-1964 dime is therefore $2.60. … Value.html

Some of the fall in price is explained by the shift from full-service to self-service petrol stations.