Petrol to exceed €1.50 per litre by the new year?


Pay u proles indeed, coming to the EV owner too


So everyone gets a little state gps dongle in their car so their mileage can be “tracked”, big brother indeed…


fvcking Zero Hedge.

Going on about QE while ignoring

  1. the real spec length
  1. The reduced output and scarily bad spare capacity
  1. The huge backwardation, - doesn’t really fit in with the Helicopter Ben narrative

  2. Steady drumbeat of fvckwittery re. Iran from US pols


yep, nasty stuff, and I cant really see it working, but as I proposed earlier, the car sharing market is growing exponentially, and EV manufacturers see this as a target market. This is being met with a 10% annual drop in private car use, so in that context, you have a situation where there are more roads than ever before, and consequentially higher maintenance overheads, less cars, hence a need to increase tax on what cars there are. This is a catabolic situation, where maintenance costs are guaranteed to increase, but with a shrinking stock of car owners to pay for them. Additionally we now seem to have a surge in interest in moving to EVs primarily to avoid the very tax revenue that is in shortfall, thus accelerating the situation.

I hope them EVs have a decent pot hole proof suspension.

@September, just to clarify I’m not totally against EVs and your purchase, actually I’ll potentially be involved in some projects involving EVs soon, but I’m hoping to give some depth to the debate, and would invite vigorous debate against my position, from a research point of view


I’m not suggesting those points are not valid (I think they are), but have you seen latest figures on domestic gasoline consumption in the US? It’s way down. Aside from that we have massive QE which is as usual finding it’s way into all the wrong places, so blaming the speculators for the prices they ARE driving up, is pointing the finger in the wrong place. It’s a populist position, like the populist meme that the bankers are the cause of all our problems. They are complicit, but so are our indebted governments, and by extension so are we, for continuing to play the ponzi charade that keeps us from short term pain, but also bringing with it the necessary unwanted side effects, i.e. debasement of our currency, and loss of purchasing power for oil.


The tax benefits will be rolled back once the cars appear on the roads in greater numbers. That’s not happening yet. EVs are still too new and expensive for most people, although they are starting to appear 2nd hand at lower prices on


yes I have seen the Gas figures; the whole point is that the US is no longer the main driver of international prices; when crude capacity is this tight it doesn’t really matter. Non-OECD demand is much greater than it was

If QE were responsible for the latest run up then why is the backwardation so extreme?

Blaming QE is every bit as populist as blaming speculators, except it also appeals to the tinfoil hat brigade who think they are more clued in than they are.


I’m sure a lot more people will be visiting sites like this more often :angry:

the recession is to take a nasty turn for the worse i fear XX


This already exists in many cars.
Its a ‘service log’, dont ya know.


Meanwhile, in other motoring related news …

**Sentinel project research reveals UK GPS jammer use **


How about China figures, they had a surprising downturn in energy consumption in January, matched with record imports of oil, possibly as a result of it’s unease with recent ‘QE gone beserk’, or joining the QE club itself, having recently reduced banks reserve requirements. One of the most profound things that nobody seems to want to talk about here is that the EU has now joined the US and gone QE mad. What do people think is going to happen with all this funny money?


News from the US - It’s becoming a hot issue there.

Gasoline Near $6 Per Gallon in Florida -> … or-it.html

$4 a gallon? Perhaps not far off, as metro Detroiters report higher gas prices -> … gas-prices

Florida Police on Alert for Gas Thefts -> … as-thefts/

Obama, pitching energy policy, assails GOP’s ‘drilling’ plan -> … /homepage/


No need. Probably done like the Road User Charge tax in New Zealand. Just check the odometer every year when you buy your car tags to make sure you’ve paid up to date.


I wonder how the tax man would calculate this one? If it was taxable would it be double taxation?



So, we had CL hit $80 and Brent hit $91 this morning, both off circa $30 from their highs (Brents was $128) since March. That’s over 25% reduction in price.

Granted, it takes time for the supply prices to reflect this but I’m pretty shocked there has been nothing in the media about this and the lack of movement in petrol prices.


publicise that fuel is cheaper and the government increase duties and carbon taxes.


Two local petrol stations in Nth Dublin were putting up prices by 1/2 c every few days as oil went skywards…in total about 20c increase in few weeks…have only come down 1 cent since oil price started dropping…despite other stations in teh area dropping by 10c odd…madnesss…and people still buy petrol there…I’d walk first …


check out for fuel prices.

For my fellow diesel loving galwegians, there is a special ‘taxi driver’ pump in the forecourt of the Texaco on Lough Atalia road, diesel is a few cent cheaper than on the main forecourt.


The crude oil prices quoted are usually for oil sold in about six weeks time, then add another couple of weeks for the refined stuff to reach the market before the prices at the pumps drop.

We’ve still got about two months of drops “in the pipeline”, it appears that drops go through faster than rises! :angry:


Petrol is €1.53 per litre in Carlow yesterday. Come and get it!