Pfizer Data Document Releases

The Pfizer Documents

Afaik, these are the docs Pfizer wanted locked up until 2075, but are being continually released due to US court granting a FOIA request.

1st off the blocks. (PR 101: get your message out there before the other guy.)

Not looked into any of this, but it seems according to this hastily released article our very own self appointed defender of the science is on the case.

Responding to the false claims circulating on social media, Irish cancer researcher Dr. David Robert Grimes tweeted: “Why is Pfizer trending? Short version: Because a bunch of conspiratorial half-wits with all the scientific, statistical acumen of a particularly inept hamster are, yet again, incapable of understanding (a) what passive reporting is (b) basic fractions.”

“That accolade also goes for the collective clownshoes who crafted the hashtag #pfizerdocuments to showcase their absolute inability to parse technical documentation or trial data,” Grimes added. “Sure why do we even need scientists when we have conspiracy theorists on the internet eh?”

The old Ad hominems. That should definitely help convince everyone of the validity of his arguments…?

I’m blocked by that guy, presumably because I questioned his funding and motivation before…

Our old friend PCR

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Incredible. I was debating with someone on Twitter about this. A doctor. She argued against the 12 % Vaccine Efficacy claim and linked some other papers on how the vaccine does not affect fertility. I just checked out the first 3 sources of information she gave. Completely compromised data sources and shams. One of them seems to prove that it does affect fertility but comes to the conclusion it doesn’t somehow. Madness.

I was responding to someone initially that tweeted about that 12% but they hadn’t included a source. So, just so people can point it out in future.

"A key section buried within this document, which alludes to possibly the real VE at that time, is the following damning data below (found on page 42).

These were people showing actual symptoms. If you calculate the VE from these numbers, it’s a staggeringly low 12%. VE is calculated by dividing the difference between the case numbers in the placebo and vaccine groups, by the case number in the placebo group x 100 = VE of 12 %. "

Just in case anyone needs it as you spread the info to the masses.

(1816 - 1594 ) / 1816 x 100/1 = 12.22 %

Yup. They’re blind. Advising mass vaccination with no safety data, let alone efficacy data, in pregnancy & breastfeeding. No Brie or pate permitted and alcohol shows you are a heartless monster but if you want an injection of this new synthetic mRNA stuff line up line up!

I tried asking them on twitter too. Posted trial links. Asked for evidence. Nada.

The institutional capture means no-one to report them to. The colleges, including RCPI, are promoting this. Legal system means a harmed plaintiff has to take a case (AFAIK), a third party can’t & we have no class action lawsuits.

Watching Naomi Wolfe as they are starting to get lawyers to lodge cases in US states.

That’s a lot less than the required 50%.

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