Phantom bidder ?

I offered 15% below asking on a property, up 2 months no other offers. Wouldn’t be accepted but I told them to contact me if any other bids etc. Never heard. Was told it was still on market. Upped offer to 10% below asking. Was logged by reception. Got a call from one colleague of EA saying there was an offer of 4% below asking which was rejected but they are willing to negotiate?? Up four months now and only time I heard of this so they either never got back to me, or it’s made up. What’s the likelyhood of this? I would have bit off that persons hand for 4% below if I was seller given the lack of interest

If you feel they are jerking you around make a time limited, fair and final offer.

If they don’t play ball then move on and try making a deal with someone who wants to deal, end of.