Pharma Police - Most secretive garda unit deployed to take on far right groups involved in anti-vaccine protests


Pharma Police

The Garda’s most secretive unit has been deployed to take on far right groups involved in anti-vaccine protests, it has emerged.

The Star has learned that the National Surveillance Unit has now been ordered to spy on the right-wing activists that are becoming more active all over Ireland — and more of a concern for Garda bosses.

“The NSU is full steam on them now,” a source said last night. “It’s a major deployment.”

The NSU is a hush-hush Garda organisation that normally mounts undercover operations against major gangsters and terrorists — and the fact that they have been deployed shows just how seriously gardai are taking the threat from right-wingers.

Obviously not too hush hush, eh


Once SF was fully brought into the fold. It freed up a lot of bobby resources for more spying on ordinary free people… Paint by numbers Political Policing.

Feel the Progessivness!

Anyhoo this is a funny setup this “right wing” schtick is the solution to fill the hole SF has left behind by becoming the heir apparent, finally leaving it’s whipping boy status in the established media narrative - SF need a radical extremest group to look mainstream enough.

They need a :pig: sans :lipstick:


Well, the move of FG and FF :cowboy_hat_face: to the centre or centre left over the last decade has left them massively exposed on the right flank.
Think of putting out a football team with no right midfield and no right back. The Government is obviously and clearly inviting criticism (call it attack if you like, sailor) from the undefended flank.

Historians should enjoy the deployment of :policeman:to combat ‘the far right’, given the history of the force. Sure the Gards know exactly who’s who in this country :male_detective:and half them will nod along to what the protesters are saying :clown_face::rofl:


the same groups are planning attacks on 5G masts

gardai believe many of the people who have been involved in the protests outside homes of figures, including Tanaiste Leo Varadkar, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald and even Liveline presenter Joe Duffy

This reads like a wind-up.


A classic tactic to dissuade people from getting involved with the protests as they could be associated with the tin foil hat brigade