Philip Baron confesses to money laundering and drug offences

I think I actually met this chap.
Nice house in Straffen, member of the K club, " respectable member of society" big time crook … -scam.html

The house in Straffen … 34x416.jpg

Nice one.

Now everyone can avoid buying this house!.

For anyone who searches the 'pin or google:
2 The Bawnogues, Straffan, Co. Kildare

Do you think it would actually effect the price, there is another thread on an EA not disclosing a murder in a house in Cork. Should the EA disclose the issues here. Probably not but not sure it would effect the price. HATE the pink snooker table

Whatever about the price … there might be quality of life issues if a few of his old muckers came around to collect a debt!