Philipsburgh Terrace, Marino, Dublin 3

Guesses as to what it will achieve?

Listed very late (yesterday) for an open viewing tomorrow.

It’s compact but well kept and reasonably decorated.

I hate pebble dash and I wouldn’t fancy that vent in photo 10 over my head on a windy night.

I’m going to guess around 360 - 370k. No real basis for that - just a guess!

I should have added I’ll guess 395k myself.

Looks like number 9 was asking 250K - … id=2621699
but went for 267K per the PPR.
On that basis, 390K+ seems likely for number 1a.

Bedrooms 2&3 look miniscule. No picture of any back garden so can only assume it’s not that large. Guess of 372k!

Pic 15?

…is of a small bathroom?? Still don’t see a back garden pic. Thought pic13 was front of house but unless I’m missing it, not seeing the back.

In first link mentioned above there is a view of back garden from no 5 and no 15 is definitely the back garden!

Sorry about that. Was looking on MyHome. No garden pic on that one. Still say no more than 372k anyways!

Actually saw this one in person at the weekend. No bids at the time. Not exactly an architectural delight from the outside but seems a solid house. Was a lot at the viewing.

Will stick to original guess of 372k. Way some bidding has gone in this area recently though, wouldn’t surprise if it went higher.

Back on the market: … -3/3026894

I think it was listed at this price last summer as well, we actually were the highest bidders at one point with €377.5k IIRC, which the vendors didn’t accept. It was then pulled off the market, as we wouldn’t budge. No interest in it this time around.