Pin for property, but what forum for other aspects of life ?

While reading the paper this morning I found it so easy to look through the bullshite and could more or less separate what I read into what I saw as valid or invalid information. This clarity, if I can call it such, comes I believe from having access to a detailed counter argument – the pin…!! I was very close to pulling the trigger on a house a little over a year ago but didn’t, largely due to what I read here….

What I want to know is if some of you could recommend pin equivalents for politics, history, buying stuff, authentic pubs… that kind of thing…
I browse a few already but would value what pinsters come up with…


N is the best all round Irish site. seems to be full of rabid partisans.

or as they are more commonly refered: politicians :smiley:

I find to be totally over modded. used to be quite good for general discussions and probably could be again with a bit more life in it. A hell of a lot less of the keep on topic and you’re banned stuff. gives an idea of what could become. It’s the UK equivalent, and it’s run by a guy who makes Eddie Hobbs look like he’s in junior infants.

its full of party hacks, loads of the party youth on the sites

For sure the majority are ‘party hacks’ on but by no means all and the average age profile is a lot older than you might imagine. Plus a lot of TD’s, Senators, Cllrs are publicly on the site with many more having their identity hidden. It’s amazing the amount of stuff broken on makes it to the mainstream media. Plus it has an amount of ‘lurkers’ unlike any other site I know.
I posted something a bit ‘controversial’ (but true) about a political journalist less than 2 weeks ago and the thread got over 200 views in the time it got one reply. Show me another site that can do that?

Yes indeed, all little crazy politicans in waiting.