Pin Meet Up: Feb 2nd: Save the date

Following on form the previously successful Pin Meet Up’s

There is a general invitation to meet again in Dublin on the evening of Saturday 2nd of Feb.

Details are in the Piston section of the site, you must be logged in to view.


We have a few confirmed so far and as per previous posted questions the break down form the last meet was 50:50 (and I dont mean the NCD:SCD split)

Mrs TI and I will be there hope to see you.

Yeah its 1000. Sorry. :wink:

Although if you want to discuss some sort of liquid inducement…

No, but there’s a minimum amount of beers you have to buy for the mods. :smiley:

<damn, just saw TI’s response>

1000, I’ll never get in!

A beer must be bought for each Pinster that joined more than a year before you - a kind of liquid pyramid scheme.

May I suggest a mix of registration date and post count… I want to get a free pint out of you :slight_smile:

Ah, the Gumble defence. sure why not, it isn’t the craziest excuse that has been tried in Ireland recently :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone thought of making it an official “Gathering” and applying for a grant. You could time it to coincide with dipole’s next trip home so as to be able to claim international attendance. You know the way he says he always spends thousands on his trips home.

I’ll bring the burgers.

You’ll have to leave the horse outside I’m afraid!!


Hope to see you all on Sat

Baby Sitter booked so Mrs TI and I will see you there.

If you are a waver, just shy, or a member of the Quinn family and cant remember any thing just come a long any way we will be the ones in the corner with the name badges and tinfoil hats. The M:F ratio at the last couple of meets has been about 50:50, I’ve had a few PM’s so there should be a good crowd.

Details in the Piston, you must be logged in to view: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=51131 … 56379.html
This might look fetching on you :laughing:

Agree, that one suits you much better! At least everyone will know where to go now when they first arrive!

Given the triple crown kicks off and in honour of Bertie, the 2 Brians, Seanie, Neary et al, there can be only one choice - a green jersey !