Something I was wondering in relation to demographics on the 'pin; Is there a skew on here in the direction of the more wealthy elements of society?

I’ve wondered for a while based on posts over the years, but it was this comment in the WIW Leopardstown thread that makes me ask:

“Garden is southeast - not ideal for a million quid - but fine.”. Sounds fairly flippant to my ears for such a wedge.

A fair number of people on here would appear to have no problem blowing 400+… 600+… 1m+ on a house.

The accepted wisdom is that only 10% of households earn more than 65K (?), and that borrowings of 3-4 times income should be the norm.

So is it the case that there are loads of people on the 'pin earning relatively silly sums, or are there fair numbers here who have a very large wedge of cash burning a hole, as a result of inheritance… bubble peak sale… or…?


do a vote survey :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was thinking the same. I’m in that 10% on my own and may partner is nearly there and
we wont spend more than 300k on a place once we find one it a few years.

I constantly see places valued at 450k-600k and wonder who’s buying these.

Also, I’d say given the type of forum it is and the quality of the posts it probably is weighed
towards the higher earners.

Edit: I actually don’t want to spend more than 150k on a gaff but that’s just not possible for what we (we is maybe not accurate)
are looking for it seems.

I’m not wealthy. Let me introduce you to a German Income tax calculator. … Calculator

Even with a decent gross salary you come out with a fairly poor net salary and that’s before you start paying for health insurance or pension.

I think post count around here would be inversely proportional to wealth I get the feeling the really wealthy guys on here browse heavily and post infrequently.

**Sorry but the survey limit of 100 has been reached. Please don’t waste your time.

I’ll see if i can do another**

New Survey here … E6MQ#gid=0

Thanks dipole - I feel rich now :slight_smile: Well compared to my German equivalent at least. Yes, cost of living is probably cheaper (in day to day items, food clothes transport pub etc if not rent) but it’s far from insignificant difference.

(note - am not wealthy)

Im a tax exile

LOL - that was my remark.

I assure you I won’t be spending 1 million on a house (or even half that) so any commentary given on house valuation is strictly casual. However, the same rules apply to buying a €200k house as to a €2,000,000 house. Location, condition, garden, schools, parking, aspect… etc. The only things that change are what you should expect for the price. I don’t think anyone should be limited to offering opinions only on houses in their price bracket.

My comment above was simply to state that if you were forking out €1,000,000 you’d hope for a bit of morning sun to stream into your bespoke German kitchen. :wink:

The less you pay for a house the more it becomes an exercise in compromise.

Christ, compare a German on a low income to an Irish person on a low income.

I’m not quite sure what the health insurance should be so I set it to 0, the German take home pay is E11,011.51 per year.
Irish, E18,045.

under 50K you have to have state health insurance. over 50K you can buy your own which may work out cheaper.
My poorly paid colleague is constantly complaining about this.

Good job.

Interesting results so far. Most pinsters work in IT, earn loads of money, and have loads of savings.

my own net worth would be very different if I didn’t exclude Neg Equity :imp: However I guess it gives a truer reflection of earning capacity in the longer term

I think the point about wealth being inversely proportional to post count was very pertinent!

and like Conor - passing judgement on houses I’ll never buy is more of a hobby/academic exercise at this stage

Oooh, We’re mostly ABCs. Advertisers would love us if we weren’t such narky, moany fuckers.

Define loads. dipole’s calculator made me feel relatively wealthy, the survey made me feel relatively poor (and regret spending so much of my savings doing stuff… no more CT holidays!)

Interesting survey.

OK, who’s worth 1M+ ?!

Most interesting part is how few own their own house, given how relatively wealthy the overall demographic is.

I guess that’s why people’s savings rate is so high - a huge proportion of pinsters have savings/net worth of more than 20k. I would consider 10 - 15k to be a pretty fine wedge to have in the bank in this day and age and I would consider myself a ‘hoarder’ rather than a spender. Yiz are all fierce frugal types. But then again, I am one of what pinsters might term ‘the suckers’ who bought a house in the last decade, so not much opportunity to save since!

I would have been interested to see what proportion of pinsters are reporting net worth singly and what proportion jointly (i.e family net worth) and also what proportion have children

Also would have been interesting to see the gender mix - I’m guessing about 70% male, 30% female?

I bet 90% male. It’s t’internet after all …

LOL, I’m so fu*kin average! Think I was in the highest % bracket in all but one Q.

With all this wealth on the site it’s a pity it’s not a DATING AGENCY!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: