Pin on the wiki how about it?

Put TPP in the wiki box?

  • Yea cool idea!
  • Yea great idea!
  • Man that’s awesome!
  • Totally rad dude!
  • Hat tip.
  • OMG that is just like OMG!
  • {applause} You sir! {/applause}
  • That’s Whooper!
  • Hell YEA!!!
  • … oh ffs, yea I’ll do it.

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Anyone fancy setting up the opening entry for on the wiki in the sky?

I would be rather narcissistic of me to do it but marketingly cleverer-ish if I was hawking something I am sure.

I’ve never create one either and it would be interesteing to see it’s collective genesis if it even attains one.

What’s the wiki? :mrgreen:

Ah, gotcha. :mrgreen:

If there’s anything that can claim to be “the” wiki, it’s … the first and original .

Or maybe the wiki platform it’s built on: the WikiWikiWeb.

But then there’s city wiki, Cliki, DokuWiki, FlexWiki, Foswiki, ikiwiki, Lively Wiki, LocalWiki, MediaWiki, PhpWiki, PmWiki, Swiki, TiddlyWiki, Tiki Wiki, TWiki, UseModWiki, WackoWiki, WakkaWiki, WikkaWiki, XWiki, Zwiki, and Zope … to name a few other platforms.

There’s a hundred thousand wikis on wikia 8)

And yes, I am being a pedantic old fart.
(But I genuinely never heard of Wikipedia being referred to as “the wiki”).