PIN Roadwatch - ICE Alert contd. (estd. New Years Day)

It seems the roads are not for Driving in Dublin.

I’m out past skerries and need to make it back in but I am afraid the roads are very bad closer to Dublin.

Does anyone have any insight. Seems roads where treacherous last night glassy ice conditions.
Temp seems to be set to stay sub zero today so this means the ice will not have melted.

Any one got any good info? Traffic reports online insight on the ground?

It seems a bunch of roads are closed around Dublin according to AA roadwatch.

Weather reports coming in on this thread on boards OW


Can’t give you anything useful first hand at the moment, where I am at the moment it was -12 overnight and a couple of inches of fresh snow but the roads are perfect! Especially with studded winter tyres on the car! :smiley:

Looks as if AA roadwatch server is down.

We’re in Maynooth, I went for a pint yesterday evening, walked home at 5.15pm it was dangerous then and it had frozen solid. We had about a half and inch of snow during the night, we would normally be able to hear the traffic on the M4 as its only 400yds away, nothing this morning, silence, weird but nice, and very pretty.

I can only imagine the roads are bad.

Dublin traffic cams may be of some use to you.

If you ring the Gardai stations along any route you are thinking of taking and ask them about the roads. They will have the most local knowledge.

Out in Dublin last night and had to stay with friends in town as no taxis were running. Now trying to get home but NRC say at least an hour wait for a taxi and Dublin bus has cancelled all services.
Roads look ok (i.e you can see the road) around the city centre (am just off Mount Street) as they’re being used but am trying to get out N11 and have been on to people out there who can’t get out of their houses. Apparently once you get past UCD it’s pretty much ice the whole way so I’d imagine it’s similar most routes.
Heard reports of chaos on slip roads from M50, particularly Dundrum.

That should get you arrested for wasting Garda time.

2 minutes spent telling someone the state of the roads is Garda time well spent IMO.

I was amazingly lucky to get a cab at 2:45am this morning.

Going back towards town, there were thousands of punters streaming out of town with no buses or taxis to be seen at all.

Road conditions were awful but the worst had passed by then (i.e roads passable at low speeds with large gaps between cars).
However, hoardes of drunken people jumping out in front of cabs in icy conditions made things far worse.

Interestingly, my cab driver was telling me about the video above on the trip home… :laughing:


Ok Roads are manageable but only drive slow like 30k or less on the whte and icy bits.
Those going that bit faster puts others at disease. You have no idea of your stopped distance or if you’ll just glide.
Traffic is light and moving. M50 light and moving.

Plenty of sings of car crashes, abandoned cars and traffic lights totaled.
Its not you it the other drives keep loads of distance between yourself and the other cars and other cars should do the same.

Snow is compacting in places and will remain icy and I expect tonight the water will not evaporate and freeze soon enough. Considering how much water was on the roads where there was thaw the roads most have been giant sheets of ice last night.

Also if you are traveling today bring sunglasses I had none and it was painful Polaroids if you have them!

GF sister broken an arm last night and is trapped in A&E (no visitors swine flue rules) with about 8 more broken armed peoples who managed to make it to A&E last night. Thankfully the kindness of stranger (Polish in the end, 5th car that stopped and didn’t speed off) got them to the hospital as taxis wouldn’t do it. Plus de father almost crashed twice last night. Thankfully all alive and well.

If it keeps up it going to be hard for people to get home and get back to work over the next few days not forgetting the Airport which I think is back open but I couldn’t be sure, there is nothing to immediately state the airports condition but i suppose people should check with their air carrier.

Well that my story thus far. Thanks for all the info it helped a deal to prepare for the road conditions.

My car is back wheel drive and automatic and I’ve never driven it in such conditions its very easy for the back to slip out on ya hairy when it does … :open_mouth:

Thanks! Keep those updates as it looks to be at least another day or more of this.
Worse tomorrow with more people traveling and if it lasts till Sunday/Monday … expect mayhem no?

The boys and girls (okay, it’s mostly boys!) on irelandsweather are talking about the risk of another week of this. Possibility of big snow on Tuesday on the east coast.

Still no snow in Tullamore :cry: . The brief thaw this morning has frozen - icicles and all.

White blanket of snow in Meath, freezing I wouldn’t even attempt to try to get out of the estate - complete Ice rink - son tried to bring dog for a walk (skate!!) but after he slipped a number of times (the dog) son said impossible to and dumped him back in the house so he could go play lol.

OW - sounds like an ordeal I had on 26th coming through the park - going very slowly and when I tried to slow in good time for a roundabout the car slipped and spun, very slowly in the opposite direction. Car behind me beeped, shouted an obsenity out the window and sped around me almost losing control himself - both son and I sat and stared at each other in amazement!

Yeah you gotta go online to find out from amateur forecasters your local weather if planning a trip. Rte weather forecasts from the met office when we really need them have been about as reliable and useful as a bank economists’ economic forecast.

Yea people have gotten use to a very mild weather pattern. You simply have to switch off your usual driving mantle and play “who can drive slowest” game its about centering yourself and getting all ZEN behind the wheel.

Roundabouts are lethal in this weather so to are inclines of any sort. Its all about space. Min 5 cars if not 10 to be really super safe. The worst part is the city as there are some many stops and starts for controlled junctions and this is where its gets interesting. I think using the gears to slow down the car is more advisable than breaking or letting it slow naturally by taking the foot of the pedal. I am not expert but this is what I do. In the automatic you can’t gear cycle so you simply have to let it slow down naturally if you want to avoid breaking at the higher speed to avoid any skidding or gliding.

People simply have not had to deal with these road conditions for a long long time. I haven’t seen that kind of ice since i was a kid to be honest. Many would have only been driving in recent years and never have experienced such conditions. That is the main factor + the commuter belt has expand massively in that last 10/5 years so many more have to drive longer distances. It really is a different landscape to the mid 80’s snowcapdes.

I’d say the mountains are magic.

Pretty much eh! Even have had a technical failure, here is the main page

Not great when you think about it now is it but it seems to be back just now unless I got lucky.

OW wrote


Those of us west of the Pale have been all Zen behind the wheel for the last ten days.

The slickers have a taste of what the sliders have been enduring all Christmas and the world’s at an end. :unamused: That said, glad you made it home in one piece and hope everyone else does too.

My sister -n-law is nursing in Galway and they had 16 broken bones in A&E, mostly wrists, on Christmas Eve, as a result of people falling on ice.

Irish Weather Network has useful info on current temps across the country. NRA stations they report have road temprature info.

Kilkenny isn’t bad, we didn’t get any snow and main roads are gritted. Brilliant walk home last night in the glistening moonlight. Would have attempted slievenamon today but got up too late, maybe tomorrow.