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PRIZE: Brand New Gaff donated by CIF with a swimming POOL, airstip, tennis court, farmland about to be rezoned and a selection of Brown Envelopes.

House prices in San Diego

Ok the idea was to post your own original graph using the figures from this thread, btu you can also post graphs here too. Perhpas we will have a monthly winner

From this thread, … 5&start=15

Test your creative skills in Openoffice, Excel or any other spreadsheet marvells using the data above. You can also post other graphs as has ARW gone and bust the rules, doesn’t matter, we love graphs, they are the fairground attractions of the pin. Pimp you graph, Dolly it Up, slap schum schtick on it… just have fun :smiley:

It’s a start :unamused:

Blindjustice should win this contest hands down, seeing as he’s the undisputed “king of the graphs” :wink:

Anymore pretenders to the throne?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t that graph have a lovely bottom. Of course… they all have lovely bottoms!

nice 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

If I start I wont stop

You can make it with paper & crayons, toilet roll inserts & sticky back tape or stack minis on top of each other representing each total for all I care its an original graph contest, no copy and pasting this time!!! :smiling_imp:

ok ok
I cant resist!!

This is one of my favourites…courtesy of THE CENTRAL BANK :smiley:

Did I win??


Ok, here’s my graph.

It ain’t beautiful, but there’s a shiny penny for the person who can tell me what it represents

ooh a challenge. CMBX indices perhaps?

You’re barking up the correct tree with credit. Not mortgage securities though.

itraxx or some similar measure of CDO insurance cost ( thats a punt ) ???

Corporate debt default swaps. At a guess, Irish construction companies?

Close, some may consider them construction companies but it’s actually the 5 year CDS prices for the 4 big banks.

The top one is Anglo (yellow), green is IL&P, red is BoI and white is AIB. So this time last year it cost below 10,000 per annum to insure 10 million of Anglo bonds for 5 years, now it costs over 200,000 per annum.

Damn, and I was going to say the banks, but didn’t think they could possibly be that risky! It’s shocking that they are. Is Anglo effectively trading at junk status?

Well, the Itraxx crossover is about 540, but in Feb 2007 it got down to 170, so it might have been considered junk last year. This year its probably your typical A rated bank.

Speaking (again) of iTraxx : Can you knock out the eircom costs vs the bank costs

I have heard some very strange stories about eircom recently .

They are unable to refinance their €4bn of bonds in the current freeze and yet may be forced to refinance according to their own bond issuance terms . Its because they may be split by Comreg into 2 separate entities , network and retail , thereby triggering a mandatory refinance .

Therefore they have begged Comreg not to split them until the Capital Markets settle down so Comreg are obliging them for a few months by dragging their arses on consultancy contracts about the split .

In real terms it means no more broadband rollouts until 2011 or something , eircom promised VDSL ( in 2006 for 2007 I think) but thats not happening now. No money.