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And for more chart porn, could we have a benchmark of the Irish banks against a “normal” bank (is it possible to find one these days?!). Thanks verbatim!

2 pack, I can’t see any par cds for Eircom on Bloomberg, or even any traded bonds. Sorry.

yogan, I’ll get you that graph.

VDSL? With eircom’s network? Not likely - unless they plan to put the DSLAMs very close to the users.

Thats exactly what they said they would do in late 2006 …only in the big cities though.

Belgium will need 10 times as many mini dslams as they have dslams and will still only get 60% of the population.

However Belgacom is not bankrupt like eircom is . Neither is Swisscom since they were stopped from buying eircom, they plan 75% coverage .

Holland plans 100% , we don’t even have phone lines in rural areas any more :frowning: … /tregs.pdf