Pin Webcast Trial - 7pm, Friday, 21 Nov 2008

What’s the subject and who are the hosts?

I knew you were up to something…i saw it in the tea leaves
OW Is Fierce Quiet

Will this be available as a downloadable podcast for those of us who can’t be around at 7?

anybody in the city centre who wants to come along? you’ll need to be available from about 6-8 tonight.
so far its me and OW!

Now we know who is involved. Still unsure about subject matter.
Audio webcast… Ahh.

Where is this going to be? I may not attend, but I will definitely be listening.

Battlestar Galactica - the new version, or the old one.

Invisible chicks that roam around the edge of your consciousness has to be a winner in my book. Why, it’s just like reality… XD

Shhhh, we have a Gaius on The Pin

do we have a public profile of who (or what) OW is?

I’m curious, you can tell a lot about a person just from there appearance.

From some of his post’s i suspect he is half chinese, half hamburger

Lol how bizarre!

I’ll be tuning in with interest.

Or half a pint of stout and a packet of shrimp-free shrimp flavoured tofu bites?

This Global thread was suppose to be locked but someone forgot too do that!

This is just a trial. If the pin masses want a piece of the webcast cake then we’ll do it live from Buswells or a 24 hour vigil outside the department of Finance. For now we are just testing it out but hope to work off user posts on a specific thread.

It can be hosted after the fact and listened to any time a user wants.



A specific thread when we go live will be unlocked for the purposes of the webcast. Cheers.