Pinehaven, Dalkey Avenue, Dalkey, Co. Dublin (-38% / -500)

Was 1.3 M … y36395.asp

Now 975K … XOSJ386913

Pretty new to the market, dropped that price very quickly, one more good drop and that may sell! Looks like a really nice new build. The only problem I could imagine with it is that it is just off an intersection and at the bottom of a hill, lots of heavy accelerating to get a movin up the hill :slight_smile:

Back on the market and another 175K!!

I thought maybe this had sold. … MDEU405448

It sounds like a well built home, my concern would be that it is right off an interesection and at the bottom of steep hill. You’d hardly want to pay a small fortune to hear cars and trucks struggling to get up the hill :slight_smile:

682 Euro per sq ft, still a bit high. This should fetch around 600K

It’s also about 50m from the Dublin-Wexford railway line :open_mouth: