Pineview, Ballybride Road, Rathmichael - What's it worth?

impossible to compare this one - ultra modern design

The asking price is also a reflection of the reality that we face today and is exceptional value for the purchaser. The accommodation extends to C.4600 sq ft, with a super garden of C.6, 300 Sq ft.

Pineview, Ballybride Road, Rathmichael €2,295,000 … ael/205796

the builder is rather unfortunately named "Fincris Construction "

698k no more no less would be my offer here. This is a fair refer in my opinion

Now “POA” … ael/205796

What, no pigs? You could fit a lot of pigs in a garden that size.

If this house were a bloke,he would be dressed head to toe in D&G,Versace tat and and bling bling junk jewelery that looks dreadful but probably cost a fortune.

Bit like this tosser…

Gun to head?..would not pay more than 600k

agreed, this kind of half-assed/bling-bling design gives modern architecture a bad name; what’s with all the granite slabs on the outside?

Saw this today - in a different class IMHO : … eshow.html

[edit] though spookily they also have the same ‘Le Corbusier chaise’ as yer man in that clip

Sold for €1,150,000.00 on 07/11/2014.

Was listed at 1395k AMV here: … blin/23718


Lest we forget…