Pinster, for a Wikipedia entry?

I use wiki but I’ve never amended or added anything to its great body.

I firmly believe the term “pinster” must have its day. How can we define and enter such a small cultist but none the less brave movement of souls in the sacred annals of the internet?

A “pin-ster” is someone who plays bowling, i.e. knocks down pins. 8)

It might get you onto a “fastest deleted article” list but that’s about it. Find a media source that references pinsters or pinsterism and you have a chance!

Its an interesting exercise if anything.

Hi OW. Well when I saw your post I decided to check Wiki to see if their was any reference to the pinsters. (All i got on the search page was… Anyway who actually coined the phrase pinster around here was it yerself?. Its time it was put out there into general usage among the populace!!.. So how would one describe a pinster…?

Thrifty,sensible, aware,enlightened…mmmm :slight_smile:

Curmudgeonly bearish, occasionally bullish. Given to outbursts. Not noted for patience.

Wikipedia = sacred annals???
Why not first take the ‘can you edit Wikipedia test?’, courtesy of Deep Capture. … home-test/


I’d say the first step would be to create an article for to begin with.

Cool site. This thread alone was worth it for that site why you no share it sooner? (or did I miss it?)

I can’t remember who it was but I rememebr one dya it jsut appeared and that was that…

This looks to be the first reference here,

Found in this thread 3rd of July 07 viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2402&hilit=+pinster

So it looks to be conor_mc was the first to coin the phrase in phrase of Morgan Kelly.

Unless I am mistaken.

Wed Jun 13, 2007 2:50 pm

Good find, bit early to say, but folks we could have a winner.If so then Blind BE, while I haven’t agreed in the past with all your posts (just most of them) which is what makes an excellent forum, I salute you…, 8DD

You missed!


Nearly at the last chapter and then I’ll update.

How many members are there anyway?

I did see that thread but I never had time to investigate.

articles about internet forums get deleted from wikipedia.
It’s policy.

Ya see that’s what ya get for drinking gin!! :wink:


you sure about that?

Saying that I dont think the term Pinster is wikipedia material myself. An article on TPP itself could potentially get up as the site has occasionally been referenced by the mainstream media.

Why not just work on the Irish property bubble page?