Pinster Preparation "H" Log (est. 11.11.2010)

“H” being for “Help” :smiley:

My intention for this forum is to document your preparations for any imminent event flux.

Here we can exchange our thoughts about best aspects of surviving potential trauma of any kind from a bee sting to a kleptomaniacal regime collapse.

Other topics for example might be threat to food and water shortages or any other anticipatory musings you have acted on with complimentary preparations, machinery or products sourced to tackle any threats, and would like to share your experience.

Please be helpful. Please exchange ideas. Please advise graciously. The rest of the site is well devoted to the merits of everything else. This is less about debate and more about documenting your knowledge, routines and insight for the general benefit of all.

Sharing in symphony to consign panic and blunder to the museum of history.

In case of power cuts I keep a super ser and a couple of bottleds of gas in the shed. Also a cooking ring that fits directly on top of the gas cylinder.

I have a radio that works on solar power which you can wind up.

A supply of candles and torches (a wind up one is good).

I would love to be able to afford to install solar panels for water heating.

If in the coming weeks f I can get techie help in terms of planting them on this site I will knock up some ‘self-defence’ template documents for those faced with debt recovery processes and who cant afford even modest legal fees and cant get assistance elsewhere.

If something happens I hope I am near the sea and my old Sea Scout training can kick in . I know how to build a raft that can support 14 teenagers in Dublin bay for 24 hours . I can do you a bivouac in a forest using nothing more than a Swiss army knife .

Our old scout master was an old WW2 Commando . He took the mines off the beaches before D Day or something . I know lots of survival stuff . However when it goes down I need to be beside the sea or in a forest .

I’d second the alternative food cooking method - I’ve a couple of camping stoves and a supply of bottled gas.

Solid fuel for stoves.

Not sure what I am going to do with the electric powered well and water heating… get thirsty and smelly, I suppose…

Offshore bank account with credit card. Stash five grand ready cash. Keep the head down.
If possible, take off for six months in the Canaries. It;s lovely there now.

Extra forums, fine the appropriate ones for you posts thanks… viewforum.php?f=56

Oh dear , you need to get into Alter fires .

With respect . Be more clear . Are you talking about the breakdown of society or just rolling power cuts , Skinning a rabbit or having a offshore bank account ?

Hi OW,

You may have heard of Chris Martenson who designed the “Crash Course” to explain the problems we face due to FIAT currencies and resource depletion.

He has created some great references on his site about how to prepare for a poorer world. There is a very good self assesment that you can use to see how prepared you are for an emergency.

The self-help topics are divided up into Water, Energy, food ,financial etc

Here is a link to the info on water for example … ater/42650

Best of all, he is convinced that people will only do well if they are part of a strong community instead of any isolationist, survivalist bullshit.

You must prepare your family first and then your community. many of the steps are very cheap.

I create a thread on water cannons, stick it in the Piston, and it gets binned by TUG after 3 responses.

The next day, a whole new section of the Pin is created on “survival”.


We are saving up and hope to have enough saved to send TUG to finishing school . Maybe by the middle of next year .

Is it possible to put in a forum for medical/health related information as well?

Oh Dear!

Have we really reached the point that the pin needs a TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) forum! :cry:

PS: I like the name! 8DD

It was only a matter of time.

So where’s the Zombie section? … han%2C+Jnr

Might I suggest that the “Pinster Prepare” section is moved down to a separate section of the “Latest Posts” page, similar to the Piston.

I’ll be moderating this topic heavily and locking this thread also from further comments. Also expect posts to be deleted without warning. This is more a resource effort not a comedy charity gig. Feckin’ messers.

Well, in a nation of full on insane self flagellating masochists, no one is consistent…

This is an OW solo run for the benefit of Mr. Kite…