Pints Vs The Empties - Tuesday, 25th October '22

This morning’s major Anti-backlash menace media maneuvers is glow in the dark infowar 101.

The regimes social media monitoring dashboard must have melted down when Irish people realised the next level of betrayal with the warning to plan to hand over you properties, the empties, to the Ukrainians and essentially the rest of the world consigning the Irish to the ditch in their own land.

The Irish to be officially refugees in their own country and pay for the privilege.

Pints Vs Empties

You may remember when they pulled this schizophrenic pivot Pints Vs Children, when they announced the killshot for children the next day it was all menace media driven chat about pints / outdoor pints.

If yo’r enow sure you can see here how they tailor the headline langue to reflect any backlash on a non-serious agenda matter, and throw the public a false-win - clear as day back in 2020 here Coronavirus 2020 - #4033 by HiFi

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Broken news were a bit slower to comply with the Menace morning mandate.

It was this at time of OP

Now the morning office shift has begun, we’re in line and it’s “yes sir!” :saluting_face:

You’ll own nothing while others use it and will have extra longer ways to drown your sorrows.

It’s not a reform as long as pubs still have to pay a kickback to the legal profession every single time they open late. People in the industry tell me they have to sell at least 500 drinks in an hour or 2 to cover the cost of applying for an extension, hence most don’t bother or just drag out regular time for an extra 30 minutes.

Ya took the bait but proved the OP, nice one bud. :icon_beer:

Official Good News!

Lunchtime just tasted pintier! :icon_beer:

Honest to goodness 100% state sponsored, approved and crafted good news!

We never promised your stuff to other people, honest!

You don’t need to read the entire article and listen to all the audio please the headline is enough people. Let’s not ave to much to think ok!


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Get your Irish government news months in advance on the Pin:

Looks like Leo has been forced into handing out the election bribes/FG PR coups early to pacify the people; at this rate we could be buying ounces of Superskunk in Dunnes by Christmas…


“Eurostat data suggests that almost seven in ten people in Ireland are over-accommodated, that is, living in housing that is too large for their needs”

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Each according to their needs, Comrade Pill.