planning permissions Q4 2007

That’s 71,000 annualised !

I thought the construction industry was down to 35,000 starts?

I’m pretty sure land will command a better pricing with permission than without. Its actually a neat way of ‘maximising’ the valuation of your assets if your a developer staring into a abyss.

I hope it goes down further.

I’ve been rejecting permission for months now on a very nearby developement. Still waiting on ABP decision at this stage, althought DCC may have made the developement unviable - they reduced the number of 1 beds and requested an increase in the size of 2 beds.

One thing that stood out when a town planner was brought in prior to the ABP appeal was that DCC had included comments that bared no relation to the planning application. The planner pointed out that the comment made more sense to that of an application code number -1… copy and paste job? Lazy f*cks