Please read before you drop

Cheerleading the crash

Dear friends,

It is apparent that over the past few months, certain users have stepped over the bounds of good taste. Property and people’s homes are a serious subject and whilst the 'pin will do its utmost to retain a light and humourous take on the Irish property scene, users must discuss price drops and other associated topics with suitable decorum.

Specifically, what we are asking users to do, is before they post, to remind themselves of that reality.

The impacts of the Irish Property Bubble are very real. We live them every day and it cannot be denied that at every echelon of the Bubble, there is pain, both personal and financial and that things are likely to get worse in the short to medium term.

Therefore, when discussing price drops, please keep the commentary to matters of fact and avoid hyperbole. Do not comment on possible hardship, etc., and in general, put your comments in a sympathetic light where possible.

For the lifespan of the bubble, and I think I speak for the majority of users here, we decried the spin & rhetoric that was associated with the bubble by the vested interests, those who cheerleaded the “boom”.

It is important now, that the 'pin users take a balanced approach to discussing the outcomes of the property boom / bust in this country and in doing this, contribute to building a real public consciousness of the risks and benefits of property. The best buffer that could possibly be created to prevent the financial pressures associated with boom / bust from repeating into the future.

We are not here to cheerlead the crash but rather to illuminate, to provide balanced discussion and to help prevent another property bubble from occurring in the future.

Best Regards,

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