Plot of land required to rent in Cork

Can anyone help? I am leaving a full time job which is making me miserable as hell in Dublin to move to Cork. My friend is setting up a community farm and has offered me some part time hours & I really believe in her charity and I want to be part of the project helping it build from the ground up.

I have been given a fantastic mobile home, it is currently onsite in Yorkshire Dales, I am going to move to Cork but I need a site with utilities, can anyone advise of somewhere within 30 mins of Cork city I can use?

Any advice welcomed :laughing:


Well done for making the change and best of luck with it.

I’m not sure what would be the best approach to find a site for a mobile home, but I’d be inclined to approach it from a direction that might open up other options in the future. Keep an eye on for ‘serviced’ sites. Do an ‘Advanced search’, enter the word ‘serviced’ in description, and select ‘Sites for sale’ for the Property Type option. These sites are approaching zero value but it might be possible to move onto the serviced site immediately and use the mobile home as a site office during the house construction phase that might never happen. Moving a mobile home is very costly, and it might make sense to consider a timber chalet building or similar. Some great designs out there and likely to offend the sensibilities of neighbours less than a mobile home.

Just my two cents and my contributions should never be mistaken for sound advice.

Check out this link: … Cork/sites

Also look up sites for sale, venders may trying to sell but in the current climate you might find one that would be happy with some kind of yield. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

Hey Claire,
I can’t offer you any advice but best of luck with the move and the project. That you are willing to make such a fundamental change in life is an inspiration to many I’m sure, myself included.
Good luck.

It’s not just your ox that is full of shit. How about you avoid contributing to threads when you have nothing interesting to add? There are plenty of other discussion boards where you will instantly be recognised as a comic genius and given all the praise you crave. Not here on a thread where someone has genuinely asked for advice.

Let me give you an advice, go to ‘Profile’, ‘User groups’, ‘Manage foes’ and type my username there and you will not see anything I post.

Fair play Cee Cee life is short and if your miserable somewhere change it if you can, I live in Bishopstown on the Western Side of Cork, I would know a few caravan sites but mainly in West Cork they might be too far away. I dont know if you would need planning to put the Mobile Home anywhere other than a Caravan park??. If there are any questions about the City or ANYTHING you need help at all with PM me

I have to say thank you all for the encouragement. Life is too short yes, but in other ways its too long to be on a treadmill in a job that lost its spark years ago. I am very nervous but have to make the break.

Pinsters it really does mean a lot to have your support! You advised me well once about 3.5 years ago when I was looking to buy a terraced house In Dun Laoghaire and you talked me out of it! This left me free to take a chance on Cork and free from negative equity.

discostu - would love to chat. Will drop you a line.

Thanks for advice and promise to keep you all posted.

As for the offer of an ox, we would definately take that for the community farm, thanks! We are creating a non-medical model for people who have been in residential care due to various life problems. We will have veggies and chickens and cows and fruit, the ox would be fab. So if your offer was serious and not just nasty pm me Lawrence of Arabia

Have you looked at older cheap motor homes, something coach built as opposed to a convert van or lorry.

What every you do chech the mobile out for damp it will eat it in a couple of months, you might also get one in Ireland as well for free.

I met a friend last night who bought a caravan last year and the subject of camping sites in Ireland came up .in his experience it can be difficult to find a site that will take a caravan with 2 axels as these type of caravans are also used by the Travelling community .

Best of luck , hope it works out .

Sorry i cant provide any good advice but i wish you every success.

maybe something along the lines of a Camelot may be suitable? … rdian.html

There must be similar sites around Cork where having someone on the site would be useful to to the council/owners?

Thanks again, my folks have a mobile in the Dales in Yorkshire which is pretty new and hardly ever used so I have managed to wangle that, it is actually better than many of the places I have rented in the past! Okay, there are a few issues around funky wallpaper patterns and an abudance of beige… It is well worth paying to ship and pitch tho as it is in great nick and will also sell on well once I am back indoors again :wink:

Congrats CeeCee. That sounds like a wonderful new adventure. Best of luck. Keep us (or me please…) posted on the project. I am very interested in community/co-op housing models, and the charity sounds like a very worthy one.