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Apologies for the blatant plug here, but I’ve started a thread in the lower reaches of
thepropertypin, and I’m not sure how many venture there.

I’m running a little competition on the prize is €100

The details are on the following thread so post questions there if you have any.

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RDs post:

Anyhooo, thanks for reprinting it above.
Details are also on the front page.


Here are just the first few entries, keep them coming.
To enter, you don’t need a unique event, you can send one that has already
been sent.

09 Nov 2006: Askaboutmoney bans discussion of house prices

16 Apr 2007: RTE Broadcasts Future Shock

17 Apr 2007: CIF dismisses Future Shock: Property Crash television programme
on the risks of a housing market crash as being
sensationalist and inaccurate in places.

29 Jul 2007: Brendan O’Connor - The Smart Ballsy people are buying property.

10 Apr 2008: Donnie Cassidy - House prices will go up 30%


Will you accept entries that are posted on this thread?

“*The housing market is attracting speculative demand. In some cases, this takes the form of
individuals taking a view about prospective house prices and buying residential property, as
opposed to another form of investment. In other instances, speculative demand takes the form
of a transitory increase, following from demand being brought forward, so as to avoid
expected future price increases. These various kinds of speculative demand forestall the
movement of the housing market to stability. As this happens, **there is a tendency to stimulate
further speculative demand and in this way a ‘bubble’ can develop. *If allowed to develop
unchecked, such a process has the potential capacity to threaten overall stability of the market.
Of course, the pursuit of a strategy centred on a vigorous supply response, with the
characteristics of credibility, clarity and certainty, as discussed above in Section 5.5.1 will
influence the formation of rational expectations about future market trends. However, it is
considered that expectations of future returns from housing market speculation should be
supported through the introduction of an annual tax on dwellings, which are not principal
primary residences.
Therefore, it is recommended that an annual tax, say of 2-3 per cent, of the declared
value of such properties acquired in the future should be introduced.

  • The Bacon Report 3 (6th June 2000)

Finance Act (Part 2) 2000. Anti-Speculative Property Tax introduced.

Finance Act (Part 7) 2001. Anti-Speculative Property Tax abolished.

It has the appearance of this Fianna Fáil Minister (McCreevy) bending the knee to a small group of developers and builders in the centre of Dublin. They and the pressure they have been applying are known. We see the results. I am amazed that the Minister has not the courage to come here and justify his decision. He simply announced that what was a good idea six months ago is no longer the case.

August 2006 - Public toilet in Lahinch is put up for sale by Clare County Council with an asking price of €300,000.
June 2008 - John Galvin of Galvin Construction Ltd. purchases the site for €400,000

“Property bubble” first used in Irish Times in relation to Irish housing market - 7 November 1997 … 00001.html

I’m hurt, even in the pin there’s no transparency…

What fecking forum???

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Post was removed as YM has posted it’s content above, no conspiracy going on here :angry:

Conspiracy? I want in.

Damnit, I went off on a boozy search for Pats resignation and got caught up reading about Dylan Ratiggan resigning from CNBC ( the conspiracies!) to find there are conspiracies within our own (pin) government. Where the fuck is Bower when you need him…or even Bill

But only the first mention of an event on the thread will count.

I.e. you can’t enter the competition by just cutting and pasting someone elses suggestion.
Also, for an entry to count It needs to include a date.


Tue 6th Nov 2007

Business Editor of the Sunday Tribune Richard Deleven is dismissed by his employer after a complaint from Ken McDonald of Hooke and McDonald estate Agents.

Here’s the first few events plotted on the timeline.

You’ll have to scroll over to 2006, 2007, 2008 for the bulk of the events.
In time the rest of the years will get a bit more crowded.


I think MyHome blocking IPW should be on there… I’ve trawled around but can’t seem to find the exact link to IPW discussing it… It occurred roughly around September 23rd 2007, I think… I don’t want €100 but if someone can provide the actual detail, it would be nice…

Tied in with the Richard Delevan debacle, the purchase of MyHome by the IT and MyHome winning the MyHome best property website award at the Irish Property Awards, it all adds to the rich tapestry! :wink:


I have a date of 28 July 2006 for the IT buying MyHome
I’m sure the actual purchase happened a few days before that, but it’s close enough.

I’ll see if I can find dates for the others.

If you’d prefer not to be included in the draw that’s fine, or alternatively
if you win you can nominate a charity.


Put me down for the DSPCA then… :wink:

Folks, all the names were keyed into my trusty super computer, a random number generating program was developed and validated. The whole system was modelled on a combination of E-Voting and PPARS and costs more than both combined, but it has all been worthwhile.

The winner of the Boom/Bust Timeline competition was pin member JCSMITH.

His suggested moment was the Irish Times introducing the Take Five Column.

Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions. The Timeline is pretty much ready to go, and as
soon as I can take a break from actually earning money It’ll go live.