PM constipation

Sorry to have to open a new thread for this, but I’m afraid I can’t PM an admin about it.
In fact, I can’t PM anybody, which is the problem. I’ve had a couple of messages sitting in my outbox for the last two days (a reply and a query about whether this one ever made it to the recipient), which show no sign of leaving. Any suggestions?

Edit: I forgot to say, I’ve tried with both IE and Firefox, from two different machines.

Have the people you PMed logged in recently?

Simply put, if they don’t read your message it’ll stay there indefinitely… I’ve about sixty warnings sitting in my outbox waiting for recipients!!!

Noel O’Gara! Are you out there?!? :laughing:

Aha! :bulb:
Thanking you…

Yup, that was the problem, Ta.