Poland wants its workers back!!!


Damnit - now nobody mention this to the lovely Polska ladies
We need a code of silence and a ban on the media reporting this. They must not be allowed to leave

The most recent figures for unemployment in Poland is not 14% as reported by RTE above but 11.8%

europa.eu/rapid/pressReleasesAct … anguage=en

Maybe the Poles can try something like teaching its long-term unemployed the needed skills. I doubt it’s brain surgeons they need to spend those construction cohesion fund zloty.

We don’t do it here, why should they do it in Poland? :wink:

4% unemployment is actually theoretical full employment, therefore they’ve only got what 8% left to play with, there could be a certain element within that of people not tending to their legal situation and informing authorities that they are no longer in need of unemployment benefit to put it mildly.

I thought it was closer to 4.8%, anything else causes wage inflation.

Given that the minimum wage in Poland is only €2268 pa and the Government there have €11,000,000,000 pa to spend I think you could conclude that a few jobs will be created.

From consulting with 4 recent(<1yr) Polish colleagues in the I.T. industry, the view is that they will move on to either another country or home if jobs are scarce here and they have big expectation that their home country will improve in time with good paid jobs available as its in the EU, its just a matter of when the EU benefits make Poland an attractive place to earn good money.

When that happens, home beckons, the general gist is that they will not be permanent residents here. One even has a wife and kid back in Poland!

If your here for a year or so to make money and are working (paying tax) then if you go home in the middle of the year you can get your home country’s tax credit for a full year (if you get a job) and if you were on 30k in Ireland you can send in an online form 12 to the tax man and presto a 2000 Euro cheque wings it’s way to you (I have experience of this went into the rev. comish. myself and THEY TOLD ME ABOUT IT!) Happy days.

It’s like a subsidy to go back to your home land.

Be happy. One of the things that will keep the live register figures somewhat healthy in Ireland is the safety valve of builders moving to Eastern Europe for the construction work.

I wonder if the people who get worked up about immigrants coming into Ireland will be complaining so loudly when the tide turns in the other direction, and we start leaching again.

Gotta love poetic justice.


50k builders unemployed will not translate into 50k builders on the dole. Many of them will emigrate .

I have predicted elsewhere that the population of the state will drop below 4m by 2011 as a consequence of this emigration .

You are taken to hyperbole though :slight_smile:

Is he though? Look at the CSO stats, especially how the indigenous population has grown V inward migration and before finfacts revise their figures to account for the changing circumstances they predicted 100,000 job losses in construction over a period of ten years.

Sub 4 million is possible.

If you assume each of the 50K builders has a partner (and maybe a child) who will likely migrate with him, then a figure of 100-150K people is not unreasonable.
Anecdotal, my landlord has been in renting business for over three decades, during the 80’s he regularly experienced long void periods, the first time he ever had full occupancy was about 1992 when all Irish workers returned home from the US and Britain, they had no jobs but it was easier to sign on here.
With most of Eastern Europe crying out for skilled labour forcing them to improve wages, what do you think is going to happen when the work dries up in Ireland?

SO you could say maybe 1992 was the real begining of te CT, or was it that goal in stutgart in 88?

I stick by my sub 4m population prediction for 2011, don’t give me any ‘knowledge economy’ guff either :frowning:

A Note

forum.globalhousepricecrash.com/ … opic=17642

And my first warning on population from last Feb

forum.globalhousepricecrash.com/ … opic=16445

Do The Math people, we have been exporting builders for centuries…bar a hiatus in the past 15 years when we reimported them and some others on top .

or was it that goal in stutgart in 88?

For me, this is when it started.
That along with the 1987 Eurovision win.

Then you have
“Ray Houghton has done it!!! (1988)”
“Timofte against Bonnar (1990)”
“Ray Houghton has done it!!! (1994)”

And the ball was rolling (so to speak).

It’s amazing what some structural funds from Europe and a football manager from England can do for a country.


I think as U2 said themselves, they had the last edit :wink: