politicians and NAMA

emailed the Green reps over the weekend, very balanced and succinct email on my concerns re NAMA. Then rang early (9ish) their offices this AM.
They never write, they never call…Altho Deirdre De Burca did acknowledge reciept.

Other people have any similar “closing of ranks” experiences?

everybody except Frank McDonald who is not only well up on NAMA but who seemed to find Eamon Ryan quotes for Pat Kenny this morning .

Ask Frank !!??!!

I emailed my FF, Green and labour TD. Forgot about FG for some reason. no replies. Is it heads in the sand time? I haven’t been reading or listening to any media over the weekend.

Heads in sand indeed. or somewhere else.

yes emailed the greens, not a sausage…

Ignore the arsonists politicians they only know how to burn things they can’t stop they are pathlogiclaly addicted to fire and all its perceived power.

You have toe educate the people.
You’ve got to inform.
You need your critical mass.

How much is NAMA estimated ot cost each and every perosn? €75,000

Thats the story. Thats the line people will understand.


Mr Cuffe’s views on NAMA.

Does anyone see part privatisation of NAMA as an option in future?

possibly. Back to the developers that made it so…

I still want to know what politicians, if any :wink: , have loans with anglo