Poll - 2020 US Presidential Election

Who would you vote for ?

    • Trump of course !
    • Trump grudgingly
    • Biden of course !
    • Biden grudgingly

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Bump !
Trump 59%
Voter suppression ?

Id doubt this forum is reflective of a whole lot in terms of trying to discern real world outcomes.

The fact that Trump is leading this poll just underlines why I’m delighted with the opprobrium directed towards me by the elders of this blog.

I don’t know what this means

Ok 60/40 now

58/42 now

52/48 ! Can Donald do it !

51/49 ! Donald clinging on !
Mantissa has probably voted 3 times

I expect it will all end up in the courts, followed up by civil unrest, cities aflame and then a dramatic denouement, with DT holing himself up in the White House and the USA suffering an unintentional, but entirely unsurprising, self-imposed nuclear armageddon.
On the other hand, it might all be a bit of a damp squid. :wink:

Either way, have a nice day and sleep well. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure you or anybody is supposed to, in common with much of the pin nowadays. :frowning:

p.s. Why doesn’t the bloody quote function work properly nowadays? :rage:

Biden 51. That’s it. Go to bed. Trotskyites are winning !

For the insomniacs :popcorn:

If I am correct, the mail-in gets counted first.

Currently Trump in the lead by 10 electoral college votes at 13 (270 to win)

A few more trackers:

You know, I think I probably came closer than anyone else here to predicting the outcome accurately. :open_mouth:

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