Poll - Is Holohan a (bullshit) spoofer?



There’s a difference between a liar and a spoofer. As explained by Harry Frankfurt’s book

I’ve always felt from day 1 that Holohan was spoofing and I expressed this. He’s not a Boris type spoofer. But he’s a spoofer nonetheless. He believes his spoofing.

  • Yes - Tony Holohan is a spoofer
  • No - he’s not a spoofer

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What exactly does spoofing mean?


Not that he’s lying exactly, but that he is pretending to have a level of insight that he objectively hasn’t demonstrated.


I think the whole of NPHET have a latent ‘Zero-Covid’ bias, the ‘enforced quarantine’ recommendation at ports and airports being the signal example. Their asymmetrical risk allows them to advise the most ridiculous measures and means they can point the finger at politicians for every death because advice wasn’t followed to the letter.


They are scientists, are they not?

As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, those with scientific training have a binary, black and white view; its either there or its not, its up or its down, its spreading or its reducing.

They have no ability to think critically because they are trained to think logically.
They do not question the orthodoxy they have been taught.
If step one doesnt lead to step two - like it says in the manual - then its wrong.
If its wrong, its cannot be right.

Scientists and engineers are cognitively high functioning - in that they can process and follow high level information and orders - but have little ability to think about why they do things or to see their specialties as lacking in any way. There is no ‘why’ - its all just a series of logical steps.

They are also quite dogmatic about their own fields.

This incidentally is one of the reasons that societies are fracturing all across the world - the advance of science and its influence on governance. Government used to be a tool for populations to collectively impose themselves on the world, now they seem to be a tool to manage unruly populations to fit into some equation or other.
The tail is wagging the dog.


Sort of. They’re “Scientific Nationalists”. German, Japan, Sweden & Norway have scientists too. Our ones are unfortunately influenced by a hintergrund of colonial administrator views towards ‘the natives’, post-catholic but still po-faced views, and a sort of spoofing condescension that they’re always right - despite for instance mocking masks and then later enforcing them.


A perfect 80/20 with a total of 25 votes, in favour of.


Spoofer status: confirmed

Last week, Dr Holohan expressed frustration that many people who could work from home are not doing so.
“Working from home - this message really hasn’t gotten through when you look at the traffic and when you look at what is going on the workplaces,” he said. “People will tell you stories that car parks are full and canteens are full in workplace settings. People are really not listening to this message.”
In response, Mr Cullen said there is no evidence for this claim from the car parks that he operates which are used for work purposes.


Go away with your facts. He heard it you see.


We’re not worried enough apparently, too feckless he thinks, getting a bit uppity when we nod at the postman through the window

says their research indicates the level of worry among people is at levels seen during July, and there is a correlation between that concern and, ultimately, people’s behavior



Pure spoofer tactics.

He just spoofed whatever he needed to, to support his position. Not necessarily a lie. Someone may have made an off hand comment to him…which the spoofer expands to “people tell you stories”


It was his performance during the Dail Committee hearing in May that convinced me that Holohan was nothing more than a bullshit artist. A compete and total fraud. Not to be believed about anything he says. I had not seen a performance like that in front of a committee, of such a complete spoofer , well, since John Mulchahy from NAMA did his cute hoor gobshite performance in front of the Dail NAMA committee in 2009.

John Mulchahy and Tony Holohan, two peas from the very same Irish political insider pod.

Its here, Holohan performance at the May 12 hearing. Among all the usual verbiage. His main performance is about 1 hour or so in.


So thats who is running the county. A failed history teacher who is a pathetic nonentity and a career civil service bureaucracy bullshit artist who sounds remarkably like every other incompetent MD I have ever dealt with. And I have met a few.


His job changed once COIVD hit. He was a Government adviser on public health prior to March and was always in the background. Health discussions in Ireland used to be about trolleys (remember them?), various scandals and the new Children’s Hospital. That all changed in Spring and the Government looked to him (wrongly in my opinion) to be the public face of their response. He just should have said “No, I will continue to advise Government which is my job but nothing else”. He couldn’t win.

I still believe he was pushed aside during the summer (I know his wife is ill but I didn’t buy the timing) when they thought matters had improved and the young deputy would be a newer fresher more likeable face. Once this was not the case back he came to be the point man for the public ire.

In the Financial Crisis if we had a Government economic adviser on TV each evening in an official capacity talking about the national debt, the bailout and tax measures, he would have been laughed at and told by the media to go back to drawing graphs and let the elected Government do their job. Holohan was set up by the FF/FG to be the bad guy and didn’t realise it at the time. Too late now.


Our works canteen is full! But the capacity has been reduced by 80% to maintain the 2m rule.
spoofer first class


No. You completely misread the situation. Holohan and several other Nephet members have been active in the media running their own campaign and using Communications Clinic interview tactics rather than talking straight.


Can one tell a spoofer by their look alone? Does a person become a spoofer because they LOOK like a spoofer, or could there be something else going on? Do some people become spoofers simply because spoofing works for them? And as gullible members of the public, how do we spot the spoofers in our midst?


Holohan’s spoofing is still a big aspect of the pandemic

His lie (and it is a lie) that “many forgot there was a pandemic” is being repeated far and wide.

Reminder: Christmas office party season did not occur
Reminder: Annual meet ups did not occur
Reminder: Christmas drinks did not occur
Reminder: Normal levels of house visits did not occur
Reminder: Normal levels of shopping/browsing did not occur.


Why are our Public Health doctors, who would normally be those leading management of pandemics, contact-tracing, investigation of clusters etc., so sidelined, under-resourced, under-staffed, under-funded, and demoralised during this pandemic?


Holohan said during the week that there were “pre-pandemic levels of socialising” before Chritmas. This simply cannot be true by any objective way of measuring these things. As has been said already above there were no concerts, nightclubs, theatre, pantomimes, office parties etc - while pubs were sit-down only with a food requirement (with many remaining closed.) There was very limited travel compared to “pre-pandemic” levels with many people we all know choosing not to visit families and friends.

Yes - he’s a spoofer.


Just a reminder of what a lying scumbag Holohan is

From 2018