Poll - Is Holohan a (bullshit) spoofer?



His bullshitting hasn’t gone away, you know @Open_Window

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  1. They were throwing around 95% efficacy claims at the start of the vaccination campaign. He now says current ability to keep people out of hospital is only “a little better” than he’d hoped.

  2. We know that the latest UK figures are that proportionately speaking the vaccinated between the ages 40 to 79 are twice as likely to have Covid. That’s not, “probably not performing as well as we might have hoped in terms of preventing transmission.”, that’s vaccinated in greater harm.

He said: “Unfortunately, in crude terms, the vaccinations have probably done a little better than we might have hoped in terms of preventing severe infection.

“They have performed and held up their performance really well in protecting people from the severe effects of the disease.

“In truth they are probably not performing as well as we might have hoped in terms of preventing transmission.

“There is an impact on transmission by and to people who are vaccinated, but it’s not as great as we might like.

“It is possible for people who are infected, and who were vaccinated, to be infected and to transmit that infection.”


Spoofer status: reconfirmed



Dr Holohan warned that the Government cannot make people observe restrictions and it was up to the public to make changes which will bring about a reduction in transmission of Covid-19.
He told RTÉ Radio’s Morning Ireland that Nphet will monitor the situation closely this week and that it is important to see signs of improvement.
If that is not the case “if we think it is necessary to give difficult advice, then we will do so” though he stressed that it is too early to say if the present round of restrictions are working.

Last week: we’re not Austria because we vaccinated
This week: oh actually we nearly are Austria. Sorry. Your Fault btw

It should not be acceptable that there were 125 people in ICU dependent on very intensive support because the health system was so severely impacted. But this was also the situation in other countries such as Austria where they had more intensive care beds but they were still dependent on restrictions.

Outright shamelessness

In a separate interview on Newstalk, Dr Holohan admitted that the midnight closing time in itself would not reduce numbers, but it “sends up a signal” that the situation is still serious.

Call back to his “carparks & canteens are full”. Tony has special knowledge

He appeared to cast doubts on suggestions by the HSE that just 50 per cent of people were turning up for their booster shots stating that he was aware of one surgery in Tallaght with 400 patients where just 10 people did not turn up for their booster shot.


Is Tones & Co still receiving tracking data from big brothers Apple & Google?


Did the people think google maps was really about helping them find country churches & chiropodists ?

This book is worth a read. The Guardian condemnation is a recommendation


The Irish Independent calls out bullshit spoofer Ronan Glynn*

*I call him a bullshit spoofer rather than a liar because he is saying whatever he needs to say to support his current position. He isn’t even conscious of not telling the truth.



Video showing they all called it safe :joy:



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