POLL: Will you Get / Did you get the experimental injection/s?



Votes increase by 216%

With nearly nearly 20 votes internet goes whoohohohooooo!!!

57% N
42% Y

This is referendum territory now. The NO’s are in the lead.

It is nowhere anywhere near the ball park of what the Provid Regime need to successfully convert the island to a post-nation republic, but it requires Prato-consent ratios! They are losing big-league.

The Mysterons have spoken. It’s lockdown forever. So you folks need to work on your experimental injection hesitancy, stop being so selfish and think about all the grannies you might kill if you don’t get your shit together and the hurt you are causing frontline-politicians ground down at the coalface who have not time to enjoy their payrises, because you anti-vaxxers thing you’re the bees’ knees or god’s gift or something.


One solution is for non-vaxxers to spend all day in the pub, infecting only each other and posing no threat whatsoever to other members of the public


You’re dreamin’ :icon_beer:


Tremendous amount of votes now, 20 votes, really great votes. I know some of these votes. Some of the best.

60% No :white_check_mark: :medal_sports:

40% Yes

The Provid Regime are defeated. The NO side have officiated their win.

Closing the poll now to snapshot. :lock:




Ah haha they’re really getting very very desperate, she even raised the need to use a :carrot: :rofl::joy::rofl:

A Masterclass in the plan to destroy your freedom in less than 40 seconds, here is a quick transcribe of her exasperated pleas:

Make it clear to them that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life and the window to do that is really narrowing… I mean you were mentioning Chris about how all these states are reopening they’re reopening at 100% and we have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status because otherwise if everything is reopened what’s the :carrot: going to be, how are we going to incentivise people to get the vaccine… so that’s why I think the CDC & Biden admin needs to come out a lot bolder and say if you are vaccinated you can do all these things, here are all these freedoms you have because otherwise peopel are going to go out and enjoy these freedom alway.

The truth minus the “save lives” spin you get here as they attempt to implement the identical system using identical techniques.

Sorry lady you just blew the operations cover and have exposed the International network of political and media agent infiltrators for all the world to see!

Many thanks for the brutal honesty!

Everyone should watch that super short video.

Nphet putting their neck on the line one last time - are they screwed?

The Mark


You Will Pay - Gospel According to Paul

HSE chief Paul Reid said on Twitter today: "Hospitalised patients down again to 264 & 61 in ICU today. Continued progress.

“But we know how high a price we pay when we all take a short break from the virus. This is too high a base to do so. Have a safe and happy Easter and we will be on the right side.”

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned, I was derelict in my permanent mental reverence of the ever lasting love and salvation of Coronavirus brutal but merciful judgement.”

Article ahas since been updated that quote i no longer available in the link


So still haven’t yet, may consider French one (assuming available this year and if not then I’ll just roll along with an open mind). Where are others on it now?


Do you think you have reasonably decent immunity to bullshit?


As VLA2001, the French vaccine, is the only one that even comes close to traditional vaccines in safety it looks like it is still on schedule to be the “booster” shot for this winters flu season. I think the very large pre buys by a whole bunch of governments are still on.

Here is the current status.


How can it have inactivated whole virus particles of SARS-CoV-2 if as so many believe and so many letters form various government agencies indicate have not isolated virus or have they, isolated the virus?


It was found in an email somewhere to someone or something. Twas really.


The Russian Covivac is also supposed to be an inactivated virus


The SARs CoV 2 virus had its partial genome profile published by first week in January 2020 and the first full (well all the important bits) two weeks later. Thats how the geographic spread of the virus was tracked. So for example the main route into Europe was Norther Italy and the direct spread from China into the US was stopped by the travel ban but as NY refused to abide the travel ban (DeBasios - travel ban is racists rant in February 2020) the entry of the virus into the US was from Italy via NYC.

This was all tracked by very small changes in the genome over time. This guy has been the best source on this subject for the last 18 months…


The problem with the whole “the virus has never been isolated” storyline is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how virology works. Having yet another electron microscope “photo” of what is after all just another bog standard corona-virus tells you nothing useful. Isolating it in a crystalline form tells you nothing useful. Having an accurate genome profile of the RNA and tracking the changes tells you what you really need to know. Which is what they have. Pretty much from the beginning. And by this stage have many thousands of genome profiles in the public databases.

Here are about 1400 of them graphed to show the evolution and distribution over time…



Thanks JMC.

The ‘other’ I was referring to is other posters. I’m 56 and haven’t taken it yet (to think only 42 or so when some of us demonstrated outside DE, f*ck) - I don’t know anybody else over 50 who hasn’t taken it. I have read pretty much all posts on here spread across threads concerning Trump, free speech, immigration, transgender issues and the attack of the virus and yes pretty good immunity to BS OW. So others on here - you intend to absolutely not take it?


I am in the same age group and have zero intention of getting vaccinated with any of the currently available vaccines. The level of brainwashing in Ireland is staggering. As is the level of social conformity. But nothing new there.

The only current vaccines that are not outright dangerous are the adenovirus ones. Like the Oxford AZ one. They should be reasonable safe. At least one of this type got full regulatory approval in the past. But due to the strong adjutants used (the vaccine is not very good) that is what would cause any adverse responses. Its the adjutant you have to watch out for with adenovirus vaccines.

For me the French vaccine is just like the flu shot. Not going to make much if any difference to infection rates (in my case nil, I got probable very mild SARs 2 in March 2020) but it will be safe just like flu and if I have to take a placebo due to the current mass hysteria I have no problem taking a safe placebo. Although I still will avoid at all costs.

Another thing to remember is the public health officials are lying. All of them. The base vaccination rate for a disease like SARs 2 is less than 50%.Its not that infectious. A higher vaccination rate does not give any higher population protection. So 50% is all you need. With a vaccine that works. They claim the vaccines have a efficacy of 90% plus yet at the same time they are trying very hard to force through implied coercion vaccination rates of 80% plus. The only conclusion one can draw is that they are lying about the efficacy. Which they are. These type of vaccines are doing well if the efficacy is 50% and often a lot lower.

So if you have to get vaccinated try waiting for a vaccine of a type that has been safely used for over 100 years and all the risks are known. As against vaccine types which have no history of safe use, in one case quite the opposite, and which the public health authorities have been telling very deliberate lies about. Very serious lies. Lies which have killed tens of thousand of people so far.

So if you dont want to play vaccine russian roulette, I’d wait around for something like VLA2001. At least with VLA2001 all the chambers will be empty. Unlike the mRNA vaccines where at least one or two or the chambers seem to be loaded.


Yes indeed, and that is very insightful. I remember linking to the next strain site very early on in this game, but the problem here is. They have 30 pieces of silver. They want to give them to you. It must be 3o because they must have counted them.

Where did they get the viral matter so they could inactivate it and then put it in the vial?

There has to be physical possession of the virus at some point no? As it is assumed they got some viral mater, cultured it by replicating it in some cell line and then inactivated (however that is done before or after culturing/replicating) and then packaged it nicely and sent it out in the bazillions to waiting imprisoned terrified masses.

Unless of course they can synthesise the stuff from scratch somehow. :thinking:


Patient-centric solutions to vaccine hesitancy - According to the the World Economic Forum you must Think, Feel & Do with their new frame work module!

Patient-centric solutions to vaccine hesitancy

The decision-making process for customers - or in this case patients - is often understood using the Hierarchy of Effects Framework. It suggests that customers think first, then feel and then do. In relation to the COVID-19 vaccine, this implies that patients need to first “think” about it, that is, become aware of and knowledgeable about the vaccine. Next, patients need to “feel” positively about it, as in developing a conviction to get the vaccine. Finally, patients need to “do” it - in other words, get vaccinated.

Most policy makers have emphasised the “do” stage by focusing on distribution and convenience via a combination of mass vaccination, hospital, physician, and drug store sites. This makes sense for the population interested in getting vaccinated. For the vaccine procrastinator, hesitant, and rejector populations, however, we need to focus on the “think” and “feel” stages of decision making. Without these stages, patients are unlikely to move to the “do” stage.