POLL: Will you Get / Did you get the experimental injection/s?




Three people I know very well and can be trusted, etc. All ‘caught Covid’ recently and really struggled, 2 in 50s, 1 in 40s. 1 in 50s on an inhaler 6 weeks later. 1 in 40s - 10 days in hospital in Cuba.

And to add from last year etc. 1 in 90s in N Italy - died. 1 in 70s in Italy - died. 1 in early 70s here - ‘touch and go’ - hospital (husband - no problems).

2/3 young (say less than 25) people - no problems.


Oh it’s real, and experiences can vary as they say. I just don’t think it warrants the Dáil passing legislation that puts us on the road to being a communist state with a Chinese social credit system. Hate Speech Bill and the social media/online safety one are coming along too.

I’m not in an at-risk age-group or of high exposure risk. So at this stage unless it comes out that Wuhan did a big enough gain of function to literally make airborne AIDS, and this is just initial seroconversion or something, I’m not taking the jab. I’ll take my chances with my other supplements and get hold of some IVM just in case.


Here is a thing, and it is only really relevant if you are still considering getting the shot/s. No need to reply if you have. I’m not following up, and this can also be a bit rhetorical for other too:

Imagine if you knew about a lot of the events currently unfolding, in advance, maybe by some years, how do you think that might affect your discernment and judgement in these times?


Oh, I’m still pondering OW…Merely putting up some anecdotal real stuff that’s got me thinking again…


Interesting point made online about how these current run of shot could never get approval. Since have killed so many probably in excess of at least 25,000 now, that in a trial they stop if there are 25-50 deaths. The trial is essentially over.

Ready for the never ending emergency?

Someone or something is running out of time.


I wouldn’t have done one thing differently. All of my extended family (oldies and relatively younger ones) vaccinated with AZ in NIrl/UK and Pfizer here, not one problem for any one of us.
We’ll all likely take a third one this Autumn if that’s recommended.


My old man got it, was pretty scary for a while. He underplays it as ‘a bad flu’ and cites some cousin who was once laid low for a week with the flu. It took him probably a month to get over it, he is quite an active man but he was not able to function properly for quite a while. He along with the rest of our family took the jabs.


My two parents got Pfizer vaccine. Both had bad reactions, both in their 70s. My dad started bleeding from his nose not long after the first shot. Never happened to him before. Kept in hospital overnight and let home. 4 days later woke up again with mouth filled with blood, from his nose. Lost 2 pints of blood before the ambulance arrived. Back to the hospital and they managed to deal with it. Back home the next day. Recently doctor has called him back for a check up soon as there is now concerns with his white blood cell count. Or something to this effect. Mother seemed to have gotten a permanent small rash after the first jab.
I know of 8 people that got the virus at the start. 1 in their 40s, the rest in their 70s. All were fine, hardly noticed it except for one that was sick for 1.5 weeks, and another almost 80 year old that had to go to the hospital for the night. Fine the next day. Separately, my older brother believes he also got it, in his 40s. Hardly noticed it. He lives in a European city where it was very prominent at that time he feels he got it. He didn’t get a test to confirm for it though.


No past experience is comparable to this situation. This has never been dispensed at this scale. You take it and you are part of a giant trial.

You don’t take it and you are in the control group.

The US is about 2/3 months ahead and so it gives an idea of what is in store.

Already now I see online we are hitting some of the same events.

I would expect anecdotes of heart attacks to increase, clots in all parts of the body, dying in sleep, within age cohorts and people who you probably never expected or even heard of such an event before and if so, it was very rare. Then it whacks people who had agency, soon they are shadows of themselves, this seem change, not totally there. I’m starting to hear of that here too. That’s begun as well.

Assuming they will manage to convince enough people to keep taking this experimental and lethal injection, no beating about the bush, it has killed tens of thousands of people that we know and this is only the summer.

No one knows what is in these things, some could be saline some the full thing, some other things, you do not know, you trust it is what it is an even if it is the thing it is still a novel unknown being injected into you.

Best of luck to everyone.


I have sympathy with those refusing the injection. For work and family reasons I decided to have the injections. Left to my own devices I wouldn’t have.

The huge numbers in the UK (and other countries), and the 1 year that has now passed since the trial started has convinced me enough I’d have to go along with this. I will not be in a rush to wine and dine in any business that looks for a certificate. Again, if pressured into it for a work or family meeting I’ll go along with showing a cert, but I’ll be curtailing my dealings with businesses that require a certificate, as there is a bigger picture here in terms of civil liberties.
So it might not be quite the boon for businesses that they may be expecting, there are a lot of people who have been coerced into this, there is some resentment out there. Once the novelty wears off, this will go some way to at least balance up the shouting and screaming from Covid fanatics.

People can (just about) still have long memories. The ‘new normal’ can cut both ways :whistle:


Why do people think they can not say NO to an experimental genetic injection?

Doesn’t matter if it’s work or school or whatever.



To add to the above my father in his 70’s got the Pfizer MRNA Jab in April and now in July looks to have the start of parkinsons with tremors and shaking, blood tests are beginging next week. Is this a coincedence? The man was as fit as a fiddle and swam all year round and rarely was ill in his lifetime. I’m glad that the expiermental jab has worked for some here (for now) but the long term effects we simply don’t know yet? I have several friends in the states that have life changing adverse reactions to the jab. Just please be careful and hold off for as long as you can to wait and see.


Your father has my greatest sympathy. The only person I have met so far who had a full blown SARs CoV 2 infection had exactly the same symptoms I had when I got Swine Flu in 2009. Its like nothing I have had before or since. The speed of collapse into complete immobilization, the length of immobilization, and how many months it took to return to anything like normal health was unique in my experience. It is very nasty when it takes hold and leaves you sapped of energy for many months afterwards.

The only other time I have had any kind of respiratory infection like that was oddly enough in early March 2020 when I had a very strange “flu like symptoms” with a very odd grouping of symptoms. Just like with Swine Flu in 2009 I know exactly where and when the most probable source of infection was and just like Swine Flu in 2009 what I got in the first week of March 2020 was unlike any other cold / flu in the past.

So you can put me down as one of the probable “just a bad cold” SARs CoV 2 infections. Just like most people who had symptoms in spring / early summer 2020. When there was an actual pandemic.



As a precautionary prophylactic point of view based on all I’ve been reading for moment in terms of online anecdotes, I’d been chewing garlic, a natural blood thinner among many other things. Breaks down clots I believe.

#clotshot is trending on twitter for a reason.

An now more on this:

Only 25% stays in your arm 75% collected by the lymphatic system and fed into circulatory system.



Aspirin/disprin is something else you could take. Available easily in pharmacies, supermarkets.


Some people can not take that they might be allergic, and you wan ot be daily dosing, can you keep taking aspirin permanently without problems?

I was thinking of something that is easy and familiar, and that the many assimilate better and the only side effect I can think of is actually a positive, as the injected shedders might stand back a bit more if you are taking a good daily dose that surround you in a shall we say, pungent envelope of personal protection, as a free wild organic non-gmo human being. :wink:


Oh absolutely, most people can take aspirin, but not kids (can get something called Reye’s syndrome). Some people are prescribed low dose aspirin every day for various cardiac conditions.

I wouldn’t take the full / max dose every day, and haven’t been taking it regularly, but if I’m out and around shedders I might take one when I get home.

Am also eating so much more garlic than usual!!



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