Poolbeg incinerator - devaluation of surrounding areas?


My wife and I have been thinking of buying a house in Sandymount, but having read about the planned incinerator in Poolbeg, we’re not so sure now.

Ringsend, Irishtown, Sandymount are in immediate proximity to the planned incinerator in Poolbeg. Will this devalue property in these and similar areas?

I watched “Trashed” featuring Jeremy Irons last night and he investigates the problems of waste disposal, including incinerators. personally I would not want to live anywhere near one of those things, no matter how modern or sophisticated they promise the emissions control will be. The release of dioxins and other nasties into the air would seem to have long-lasting and extremely negative consequences for those who are exposed to them, as a result of the burning of waste. More importantly the negative effects are passed onto children.

Some of the articles online also seem to indicate that this will have a negative impact on traffic.

What do you think about the incinerator and the impact it will have on property in the surrounding areas?


I think the release of dioxins from incineration is the main concern, I don’t know if this is an issue with power turbines or sewerage. It seems that the project has spent a fortune buying land so I would imagine they have space to start construction, rumoured for summer 2013. Anyone know anything more?


Preliminary works are underway this week.


About time.

So if this actually, 100% being built now? Or are there more court hearings, etc.?


Being built is one thing, Used is another.
@OP - prices are already too high in Sandymount and flooding/structural issues are more likely to be the number one concern.
IF it will be visible obtrusive from the house in question it may influence the price.
The incinerator in Duleek is much less ugly that what is already there.


Whilst it’s hardly the same issue, waste disposal issues can affect property prices, as evidenced by Glendower House in Whitestown.


If it bothers you as a potential purchaser it will probably bother other people, but this has been planned for such a long time so it ought to be no surprise to anyone.

Maybe that’s why all the canny old duffers have moved out of Sandymount. :smiley:


if it’s any comfort there are municipal incinerators in residential areas in the likes of Vienna, Stockholm etc that seem to not be a major source of concern to the locals in my limited knowledge. A bit of googling will reveal more I am sure.
FWIW if that is a concern of yours you should remember that major hospitals already have incinerators on site that I doubt would be as emissions compliant as a new build, Vincents probably has one.


Good point!

The problem remains both for Hospital areas and potentially for Poolbeg surrounds.


Hospitals have very strict rules about waste disposal and dispose of a very controlled set of products.

People put all kinds of crap in their domestic waste.

So IMO it boils down to: how much faith do you have in the ability or desire of the incinerator operator to control what’s being incinerated.

That’s my opinion, mostly informed by brute ignorance and pessimism.

As as others have commented perception is everything, particularly for the sorts of people who live in posh areas of Dublin.


Poolbeg contract terminated after €32m payments

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I think the risks if any are negligible. People tend to worry about very small risk such as incinerators. I have one 200m from my workplace. Anyway the greater nuance was from the smells originally at Ringsend, it appears less of an issue now. If smells couldnt put you or other people off i dont think you have anything to worry about.


Council paid double to relocate firm from Poolbeg site

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I can’t find the actual report but here is the Local Government Audit Service website
environ.ie/en/Publications/L … d.en.24148


or a porn film :nin


Taxpayer bill for Poolbeg Project estimated at €108m - Niall O’Connor -> independent.ie/irish-news/ta … 41334.html


Tierney snub to TDs over probe into Poolbeg

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Famous Poolbeg chimneys face being knocked down

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Take them down.
If there is any explosive left, take the Spire down too.


What’ve you got against the Stiletto? It’s grown on me over the years.


The ESB are no fools, -demolishing them would be commercially reckless unless they are in danger actually of falling down. They’ll never remove the towers without planning permission for replacement, equally tall structures (and they won’t be chimneys bai)


Incinerator hurdle removed as EU body clears council of breaking rules

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