Poolbeg incinerator - devaluation of surrounding areas?


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Controversial Poolbeg incinerator plan set to proceed

Great News!


So 2027 then? :angry:


Good news. If only too give two fingers to gormless


The RTE story is interesting.

I’m not an accountant. Surely the costs to date have already been paid and are sunk and irretrievable, regardless of whether the project continues. What does ‘carried over’ mean in this context?

By the way this whole project illustrates how unwieldly the whole planning process has become. No less than nine separate government bodies are mentioned in the RTE story, I suspect the late DDDA was involved as well at some point.


Something like this?



Except the Greens want to keep them… :confused:


€44m in public funding to go to the construction of the Poolbeg incinerator

rte.ie/news/2014/1020/653695 … cinerator/


Work begins on construction of Poolbeg incinerator

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I’d struggle to be impartial on this one as I have a mental image of John Gormless and Eamon Nice But Dim in fits of apoplexy


Its a lot of money but its better than 4 or 5 landfills around the place. Are they going for the whole volume initially applied for or a smaller version? 16 yrs in the offing. Our planning system is definitely broken. NIMBYs and their pseudoscience are given too much airtime


The site for the incinerator is 800m from any human habitation from what I can tell.

The map below shows the parts of Ireland which are further than 750m from a dwelling. There are very, very few of them, given the amount of one-off houses.

Useful article, in the context of wind turbines, here: irelandafternama.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/wind-turbines-bill/


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yet another name for the Peoples Front of Judea/Residents Against Racism/Anti Austerity Alliance

Rory Hearne - long time crusty agitator. Now an expert on Incineration


Questions over €10m spend at Poolbeg

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That sounds way too innovative and doable to ever happen here.


ESB defers decision on retention of Poolbeg chimneys

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Two headed babies, coming to a middle class suburb near you…

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The Panda scheme makes sense. Before I read it I thought it was softening us up for price increases.


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Poolbeg at capacity, naturally former IT editor Kevin O’Sullivan feels the need to focus on the issues in commisioning and a spurious claim

rather than this

amazing that John Gormley and his pals have done nothing to capture this free energy


The development at the old glass bottle site should be able to make use of some of the district heating potential. But retro-fitting existing housing stock to run on the hot water is unlikely to be cost-effective.

As pointed out earlier in the thread, the nearest human habitation is 800m from the incinerator.


Every other European country can do it ( I assume at an economical rate). I dont think its economics, I think it political